I don’t stream games often, but I only started doing so because Microsoft, when it acquired what was then Beam then transformed into Mixer, did a smart move by integrating it directly into the Windows Xbox game bar. If you had a Windows Live account you could simply tie it into a Mixer account, generate a security key and, ta-da, you were streaming. Game, desktop, camera, whatever, done.

Somewhere in the past few months Microsoft has decided to remove Mixer integration from the game bar. One day just, poof, it was gone. I had to do some hunting to find out that technically they did announce the removal, if you were following one specific blog and happened to catch the small blurb about it. They recommend downloading and installing a third party option.

Since I don’t like doing that and the only reason I took up streaming anyway was due to how easy it was to get started I am not going to be installing a “third party option”.

However, I can easily stream from my Steam account, and 99% of my games are through Steam anyhow, so, guess I am moving to Steam!

Please note the link to my Steam profile page on the side bar. I need to make a little adjustment so people don’t need Steam to watch the stream, but for future reference that is where I will be doing all of my streaming. In the meantime you can also check out any screenshots I snap, game reviews and stuff, going forward. I haven’t been super involved in Steam, but I will do my best to add to the site in a constructive way.

Thanks, and check back for times when I will be streaming, or check my Minds stream for posts about streaming schedules.