I added the link to my page on MINDS.COM, a free speech social network platform, to the sidebar. Minds is an odd beast. It acts kind of like Facebook but, a warning, it allows NSFW content, though by default it is blurred out. If you visit my feed there WILL be the occasional naked cutie (or several in a row) that I have reposted from others, blurred, of course, by default.

You won’t find a whole lot there that you don’t find here, though I am considering using it to post smaller, quicker thoughts I have through the day that I would like to put out there without having to write an entire post. This is a common thing lately as my free time has been severely diminished and I find it difficult to sit down and gather my thoughts long enough to write a full post. I will admit my last few posts have been hastily completed and I feel like I might not have conveyed my thinking properly. A few Minds posts might help me at least put something out there people might be willing to discuss.

Thanks for looking if you do, you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t! I had considered, at one time, simply moving all of my stuff over there, since they support blogs as well, but the platform doesn’t seem even as robust as WordPress yet. Maybe in the future.

Also, tokens. You earn bitcoin tokens for using the platform which can be used to boost your channel, your content or, eventually, cashed out, though I don’t suspect you could make much from them. Though, and this is cool, you CAN add ‘for cash’ subscriptions and paywalls to your content if you want. Pretty interesting.