A while back I found a couple of interesting YouTube videos of a couple of black guys listening to some rock music. One in particular caught my interest, where they listened to “Walk” by Pantera, which is a great song. That was probably a year or so ago.

Fast forward to today and I found another black guy listening to and reacting to Elvis music. Now the fact that the guy was black is important because the draw of the video is that here is a black guy listening to what modern people would consider “white people music”, and thus he hadn’t heard a lot of these songs that many of us have.

(On a side note, I am not white, as I have said before, but am of Hispanic descent. Regardless my dad is pretty white, I think his mother was German, while my moms parents came directly from Mexico. Despite this my family grew up in SoCal listening to oldies and what is now considered classic rock.)

Come to find out that this is apparently a pretty big thing as YouTube started recommending all manner of black people watching white people music, and down the rabbit hole I went!

Now, the first guy is actually pretty good, though his reactions are often times very short and nothing more than “wow”, but occasionally you can see some serious emotion in his eyes when he hears certain lyrics, and sometimes he recounts a bit of his life growing up in South Los Angeles (I believe that’s what he said) and how the songs he is listening to make sense to him because of his upbringing. I particularly got hooked on watching his reaction to Elvis songs because nobody can resist the King, and this guy can’t either.

Visit him Here @ Jamel AKA Jamal

HOWEVER, this is not the guy who I am making this post over.

There is another guy who’s channel goes by Soul Train Bro and, let me tell you – THIS guy…THIS guy knows music. Each one of his reaction/review videos is full of some deep stuff ranging from his childhood memories, original songs that were remade into rock songs to what he thinks the meaning of lyrics is. He goes over the bands history and reads history on the song, likely from wiki pages, as well. I have been hooked on his videos for days and I really feel like THIS kind of stuff is what YouTube is made for!

I especially love his video reviewing Led Zeppelin’s thunderous tour-de-force, When the Levee Breaks. Not only do you get to see into the soul of this guy as he recounts his grandfather playing the original, but he plays part of the original, which was recorded in the 1920’s. It is VERY informative and satisfying to watch:

If you have some time sit and watch/listen to his videos do it. It’s by no means a waste of time in my opinion.

Visit Soul Train Bro here!

One thing to note, and really this is one of the reasons why I decided to make a post about this guys channel, is that he often times throws some very real red pill truths into his reviews, though not necessarily because he is trying to teach anything remotely red pill, it simply comes from his life experience. In reviewing the Led Zeppelin song Babe I’m Going to Leave You he flat out states that when women challenge men with “its X or me” ultimatums that a man with a mission will pick his mission every time, and that women need to understand that ultimatums are not good ideas. In his review of the song Down by the Seaside, also a Zeppelin tune, he recalls the mother of a friend of his who “shit tests” him. He knows what a shit test is, he calls it a shit test and his story reveals a deep truth about women – that they all do it, even those sweet little church ladies.

Anyhow, just a recommendation for killing some time and listening to some good music, and what a guy who may not have heard it before thinks about it.