I know very few people, Republican or Democrat, want to confirm this, but freedom has a price. Its a steep price, which is why freedom is so precious.

The freedom to carry guns to protect ourselves comes along with the possibility of someone misusing that freedom to harm or kill others.

The freedom to transport ourselves in our cars comes along with the possibility of someone misusing that freedom to drive drunk or too fast or erratically.

The freedom to walk into a store and buy any number of tools comes along with the possibility of someone using them for any nefarious purpose.

The freedom to live privately comes with the possibility that someone will use that privacy to commit crimes, hoping they will never get caught.

So to those people who are calling for guns to be taken, for those who are calling for ‘red flag laws’, those who are saying that no person needs a gun like an AR-15 or an M-16, I ask:

Are YOU willing to give up your car to allow only trained, professional drivers access to the roads, for the safety of everyone?

Are YOU willing to give up your alcohol? Instead you can only drink in an approved alcohol dispensary after a lengthy and costly background check, with you footing the bill, of course.

Are YOU willing to give up your marijuana? Instead you can only smoke in an approved dispensary after another lengthy and costly background check.

Are YOU willing to give up the food in your refrigerator? Instead you can only eat pre-approved foods at an approved rationing station to ensure you don’t become a costly burden on the health care system.

Are YOU willing to give up your freedom for safety?

I guess the better question is: Are YOU willing to let other people make the decisions for you, because that is exactly what will happen. You don’t just lose freedom, poof its gone, oh well – you give your freedom to someone else and it turns into CONTROL.

Ask the U.K. how giving up all of your freedom for safety is working out.

Ask if they think it was worth the trade off. Was it worth the rape? Was it worth the knife violence? Was it worth the no-go zones? The having to carefully select every word you say?

Truth is, now matter how much control you give, no matter how many freedoms you let go of, you will never be 100% safe. Humanity is humanity, and if there are two things humanity excels at thee most they are violence and love. Both are endless, and every time you think you’ve seen the best or worst of either, humanity will surprise you.

The founding fathers knew that some of the worst violence ever committed toward humanity was by those who ruled over people as subjects and citizens. To prevent this from happening in the United States they made sure that its citizens would always be a force the government could not so easily subdue. THEY KNEW THE RISKS INVOLVED IN THEIR DECISION, but were willing to take that risk to ensure the freedom of the country!

It is sad what has happened in the past few days, and even the past few years, but make no mistake: The powers that be have very little interest in the safety of U.S. citizens, and every such violent shooting like this has been, is being and will continue to be used to erode the ONE law, the ONE piece of the Constitution that keeps overarching and corrupt government at bay, THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.

As they like to say, go ask those other communist countries how well allowing only the government to have guns worked out for them.