On my drive back to the office I was listening to Aaron Clarey’s podcast when he and his apparent co-host, Chad Elkins, came across a bit of a rant from Cappy’s Asshole Consulting. It seems a young man was frustrated that despite all of his work and achievements he was still having to work twice as hard, or harder, to get anywhere or to get anything when compared to the ladies around him. Having come from another country he was working in a good field, was constantly learning by reading and was even teaching himself to play the piano. Why, then, was he still struggling to be recognized for his achievements while the women around him, who had practically no real achievements, were being recognized simply for taking a selfie?

Cappy’s answer for this type of question is great from both a societal and economic standpoint, and I had some similar thoughts on this kind of thing beforehand, but he goes into much greater detail. His answer, basically, was not to get too riled up about the obvious and unavoidable difference. Womanly youth and beauty DRIVE THE ECONOMY and are, in fact, THE driving force behind nearly everything economical to begin with. The world has been, does now and likely always will be driven by male desire to obtain female youth and beauty. It’s in our genetic makeup! Why does a man want a good job that pays him well? Most of the time its so that he can get access to top tier women. Even if its “to get a nice car” or “to buy nice clothes” the end result is often to make himself appear more desirable to the fairer sex.

It has been my understanding, at least for the past few years, that beautiful women is what makes the world go round. Or, rather, THE PURSUIT of beautiful women, by men. Men want to make good money and have nice things so that they can attract beautiful women and corporations can go to the infinite wellspring of feeding off of women’s desire to be beautiful until the end of time for cash.

My point in this post, however, is essentially this: Men and women go through life with two different currencies.

In their youth the currency of men is like iron. Practically worthless, its still worth SOMETHING, but its true worth isn’t realized until its been worked and forged over a lifetime. As he ages, if he forges this currency well, its worth increases many times over. The iron is youth and inexperience and foolishness. It is forged with experience, with wisdom, with adventure, with risk (and a tad bit of foolishness as well).

Foolishly leaving this currency in its raw state will result in a low quality man. If a young man fails to gain wisdom, lives a life of foolishness and bad decisions and generally stays a rube he can expect his currency to be worth little to nothing in his old age. He will not be respected by other men. Women will see him as a joke. He can still forge his currency into something useful in his older age, but it will be twice as hard to do so.

In their youth the currency of pretty girls is like diamonds. Like a whole damn mine full of diamonds! It will get her everything. Get her into nearly anywhere. It will even afford her the affection and adoration of literally tens of thousands of men for no other reason than her shapely hips, firm backside and bouncy bust, and they will do literally anything for her. IF YOU WANT PROOF THEN LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THE RECENT GAMER GIRL WHO IS MAKING 30$ A POP OFF OF JARS OF HER BATH WATER!!!

For girls, however, the opposite from men is true. Their currency is quickly degrading into dust. As youth and beauty are taken by the inevitable marching of time her diamonds become worth less and less until she wakes up one morning and her bag of shiny jewels is now a bag of gold. Another five years down the line and the bag is full of silver and so on and so on until one day she wakes up to find a bag of coal. If she played her cards right she invested her youth and beauty to find a husband and then she forged a strong marriage bond with that husband by being feminine, submissive, obedient and having as much sex with him as possible. For this man her bag of diamonds will remain diamonds, assuming she doesn’t screw it up, for the rest of his life! She can always devalue her currency with her husband if she cheats or develops a bad attitude or is argumentative, but even that won’t necessarily destroy it entirely. For the unmarried slag who spends her youth making unwise investments, ie: sleeping around, getting a career instead of a husband, attending school when she should be having children, the loss of her currency value is devastating! Not only can she no longer use ‘youth’ and ‘beauty’ to get what she wants, but more than likely she will find herself completely ignored by men. Those who do find interest will likely be those who have little value themselves as well, making them either beneath her perceived value and thus unacceptable, or making them into someone they ‘settled’ for.

Unfortunately for both young men and young women this concept is something they will never learn, and its exclusion is by design. Those who do learn this concept will be told its sexist or ungodly or not empowering, leaving them to fall subject to its truth while denying its existence for their lifetime until some earth shattering event causes them to reconsider what they know.

A thing to note, however, is that even though Cappy is right the way this works is not simply random genetic programming that appeared through evolution but it was made this way by Gods design. God intends women to be attached to a husband as his help, and a husband to his wife as her provider and protector and authority. A young, foolish man can be weak in these areas without strong men to guide him on the way, which is what we see now in modern times. An older woman can be horrible to try and train into a proper wife because she is already set in her ways and assumes her way is right, while a young woman is malleable. Trained up by other women, as the bible instructs, she will make a fine wife and be both a blessing to her husband and family AND a testament to godliness.