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So its no shock to anyone who has been on my blog that I love redheads. The Little Mermaid is one of those reasons WHY I have such a love of red hair, and now she is being race-swapped in another unwanted live action remake from the Disney corporation.

I don’t dislike black mermaids. I dislike changing established characters for the sole purpose of virtue signalling and profit. There is absolutely no reason to change her race unless for some reason there is a world white shortage of young white girls who can sing.

There have been some people on the internet who think they are smart and trot out the “gotcha” argument about how “fish people aren’t real and don’t have a culture, so, why are you getting so angry about storybook people ha ha loser, ha”. These people are idiots. Sure, merfolk are not real and could be written to have any kind of culture the writer wants, but the original story of the little mermaid was written by a guy with a culture, and the story was written through the lens of that culture.

Hans Christian Anderson was born in 1805 in Denmark, a largely white populated country, if not entirely white at the time. The stories he wrote would have been geared toward the culture in which he lived, just as the stories of any person in any culture at that time would have been written with their own culture in mind.

If you write a story about a DIFFERENT MERMAID then I don’t care what color you make her and likely neither would most of the human population with any knowledge of HCA or his fair tales, but taking THIS LITTLE MERMAID and race-swapping her, with ANY race, is WRONG. Again, the wrongness is not in the creating of a black merfolk but in the consistent and continued practice of taking established and well known characters, characters people know and love and have for decades or, in this case, centuries, and making them people of color, gay, trans, retarded – whatever, for invisible and worthless social points!

The original Disney’s The Little Mermaid is the character people have known and loved for at least three generations now. My parents took us kids to see it and us kids have shown the film to our kids. To change her like this is literally to remove her from existence for us.

But that’s the plan!

If you have time watch a few of the videos on the YouTube channel The Fourth Age. In several of these videos the creator points out how Marvel, now owned by Disney, is INTENTIONALLY RUINING ITS CHARACTERS FOR LONG TIME FANS. Why? Because they believe the woke, SJW is the fan, and the dollar, of the future. By wrecking their established characters old school fans will eventually turn away and be replaced by woke, SJW fans, who will pick up the monetary slack. Writers can then be free to do whatever they want with established characters, which would make the current Spider Man, Tom Holland, very happy, it seems:

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Screw the fact that Peter Parker has been madly in love with Mary Jane Watson for decades, its high time he fell for Marty James Watson!

I don’t care if he starred in a good Final Fantasy commercial, Tom Holland can take a flying leap off of a bridge, sans spider powers. There is no need for a Gaymazing Spider Man. Make your own damn gay super heroes, Tom, and if the gay community buys them and they flourish then good for you, but you don’t get to give a character who has been around twice as long as you have been alive any such a change!

This, along with another redhead incident to come out of Disney in the past week, this one regarding another Disney girl’s reports of being molested repeatedly while on the set of a Disney channel show, has been the final nail in the coffin for me.

I promised my wife we would go see Toy Story, but it will likely be the last Disney movie I ever PAY to see. I will not renew my Disneyland passes and I will not support the corrupt House of Mouse any longer. The imagination that once flourished within its walls has been replaced with cookie cutter mantras of “diversity”, “inclusion” and “wokeness”.

While typing that sentence out I accidentally typed out “dookie cutter”, but caught myself and fixed it.

I think I could have left it that way.

In the meantime, the original Little Mermaid animated movie will remain on of my favorite, and Ariel will remain one of my most favorite redheads.