June is Promise month here at Snapper’s Domain, so be sure to wear your rainbow and, if anyone asks, remind them that June is a time to celebrate God’s promises, which He always fulfills. In particular the one about not flooding the earth again, which is where the rainbow originates. Unfortunately for those who use the rainbow for “pride”, God laments a prideful heart because its turns people away from Him and blinds them to their own sin. As you can see, the result is a fantastic train wreck of mental illness, suicide and disease.


Let’s help those in need by assuring them that turning away from their sinful lifestyle and turning to Christ will always be in their best interest. It won’t make life easier, it wont make desires instantly disappear, but it will give them the hope of escaping something that will destroy them in the end, as it has been shown over and over through statistics and science, which simply back up the assertions of the bible.

If you suffer from being tormented by your lifestyle choices in this matter please reach out to a pastor or christian friend who can help walk you through turning away from said choices. Be aware that not all christians are “christians”, and they should never attack you with hatred, though they likely will tell you that the bible affirms that those who practice this lifestyle are not going to be given access to heaven.

If you see this post, and my blog is gone tomorrow, well, you know why.

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