I own a gun. It’s just an inexpensive HiPoint 9mm, but it gets the job done. I point and pull the trigger and it goes bang. I like it, though I wouldn’t mind getting the .40 cal. Since CA has some really dumb gun laws, though, HiPoint hasn’t bothered to register their .40 to make it CA legal, despite their 9mm and .380 already being legal. I hate it.

One of the things I’ve seen gun people repeat over and over is the mantra, “Know your weapon”. Not a weapon LIKE your weapon, not someone elses weapon that is the same model and make, but know YOUR weapon. Why? Because knowing how to handle YOUR weapon is crucial to making it a useful tool. How does it feel in your hands? How is the weight distributed? Where does the trigger break? The better you are at knowing and handling your weapon the more effective you are with using it.

The same can be said for our spiritual weapon, the sword that is the Word of God. Now, I’ll admit I dont have many scriptures committed to memory down to the chapter and verse, but I do at least have enough remembered that I can adequately state, “Paul tells us in first Corinthians…” or, “In the book of Hebrews we are told…”, and with a short search I can often locate the verses or subject quickly. This is important for a number of reasons, but the two most important that come to mind are:

  1. Being able to refute false doctrine and false scripture.
  2. Being able to direct others with true scripture.

The first one is kind of obvious: When we hear someone espousing christian doctrine we should be able to confirm or deny its truthfulness according to the word not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of others. When a “fellow christian” tells us that God loves homosexuals and He created them that way and we should just love and thats all that matters….well, yes and no. We, as learned christians, should be able to refute that with the truth: That God loves even someone who is homosexual but He says their homosexual behavior is an abomination and sinful, and that the one who practices it shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. We don’t do this to be snooty or holier-than-thou, but we do this because WRONG information leads to souls eternally lost, which is not at all what we, nor God wants!

This kind of leads into the second point: Being able to direct others with true scripture. Aside from correcting  someone delivering wrong scripture it becomes important for christians to be able to help each other by being able to direct our brothers and sisters with sound doctrine. When a brother or sister in christ comes to us with a concern or a problem it is beneficial to both of us that they be given direction that is in line with scripture! That this needs to be said seems silly but I am amazed at how often worldly advice is given BY christians TO christians! In the end both parties seem confused at the outcome, but what can we expect when we dont deliver sound, doctrine-based solutions?

Case in point, two items:

Number one is the current curfuffle between a liberal presidential hopeful and our current vice president. Said presidential hopeful is a homosexual and has challenged our VP, Mike Pence, stating that if the VP has a problem with his being a homosexual then “Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator”. Now, I’ve not seen VP Pence respond to this goober, nor have I seen any kind of response from any well known pastors or christian figureheads, and personally I dont know why someone hasn’t stepped up to simply refute this mans assertion with a simple reading of scripture. His problem is with “your creator”? No, no, no, no “sir”, YOUR problem is with your creator, our problem is with your glamorization of sin! The God of the bible did not make you into something He calls “an abomination”, you have brought that on yourself! YOU will answer your creator for that! Yet, I’ve heard nothing.

Second case in point, my wife has a new running partner, a lady she met in the church she still attends. From my understanding this woman is a bit younger than her, divorced, with a child. Her ex-husband lives here in town and they visit frequently due to their child. Apparently he is a firefighter or something of the sort and he insisted that his wife work out and stay fit. It must have been too much for her because it seems that this is one of the things that ended up causing their divorce, and since then she has given her life to Christ and started seeking ways to get fit, much to the chagrin of her husband who is irritated that she didnt just start while they were married. This woman is struggling financially, having recently been laid off from her job and only recently having moved back into the city within the past year or so.

With her friend struggling financially AND having divorced for invalid reasons it would be wise for my wife to advise her friend get back together with her husband, since biblically they were never divorced AND the bible commands wives to (remain celibate or) return to their husbands AND since it would be good for the child both financially and developmentally, but so far that hasn’t happened. Although I don’t think my wife has offered any advice, at least none that she has told me, I suspect she will offer the same worldly advice offered in made for TV movies and country songs: You go grrl! With God you got this! The Lord will provide! All the while ignoring the fact that to go “with God” or to pursue God’s solution to the problem of provision means her friend should repent and return to her husband. Is he innocent in all of this? Probably not, but it doesn’t sound like he was in any way physically abusive and it doesn’t fall upon her to make him do what is right by God, particularly if he is not saved. It is, however, her responsibiliby to do what is right by God since she has declared herself a follower of Christ! Unfortunatly it also falls upon my wife to offer sound, bible backed advice to her friend, but I’m sure this isnt going to happen.

So here we have two situations where a fair amount of bible knowledge would solve a number of issues, yet none is offered. Why? We can’t say its for lack of knowledge, I wouldnt think, anyway. I’m sure Mike Pence knows the word pretty well and even if he didnt then any number of big names the in christian circles should be capable of correcting the incorrect assumption of said liberal. Again, the main focus is not solely to discredit the man and make him looks foolish but mainly to keep incorrect doctrine from being spread to both believers and non-believers. My wife knows the word well enough, but I feel like her view on scripture is greatly clouded by her being steeped in a christian culture that ignores much of what the bible says or tweaks it so that it shouldnt be taken at face value, as well as her own personal outlook on life and the bible based on her experiences, which is a whole other post altogether!

In either case it seems that the parties involved either don’t know their weapon or are unwilling to use it, and thats a particuarly sad state for christians to be in. What can be done about it?