I’m a sucker for worlds with lore. I think its mostly because I have a very strong desire to complete my game and all the lore within, but I’m intrigued with characters, places and stories that are deeper than they appear.

I’ve not always been a fan of the show Adventure Time. My kids used to watch it and, much like some of the other shows they would watch when they were younger, I only saw fragments of episodes in passing, but when I actually sat down and watched a few with them I found myself getting sucked in with a number of questions:

Why did it seem like the show took place on earth, but obviously things were not normal?

What was the mushroom war because it sounded like something nuclear?

Why was the main character, Finn, the last human? Where did they all go?

Aside from that the show was pretty funny in a silly and sometimes dumb kind of way, while at the same time touching on some things that were deep and thoughtful. Its a tad SJW at times, but I gave the show some leeway since, when you create your own world you can do what you want.

It was over the last weekend I found this info at Adventure Time Chronology, and, wow, I am impressed. I dont know if this is “official” chronology, but it seems like the author assembled based on events in the show, parts of the subsequent book and the comic book series. It covers tons of stuff from why magic works in the AT world and the tragic backstories of many of the characters of the AT multiverse. Its not for everyone, as the animation style is unique, but not fantastic, and the humor gets pretty out there and includes things like fart jokes and what not, but I enjoyed it.

I have to admit, I’m jealous. I hope that once I get my home office set up I can get back into dedicating some real time to finishing my book/game/story. In the meantime Ill just enjoy what others have created.