I. Love. Wolfenstein.

Although I had some issues with the beginning of the last game, The New Colossus, I felt like it was just an odd state of mind for our hero, B.J. Blatzkowicz, and that he had redeemed himself by games end.

This game supposedly takes place in an alternate 1980’s, where apparently B.J.’s assault on the Nazi regime didn’t end it. That would explain the odd vaporware aesthetic at the end.

And before we get into the complaints about the two daughters, please take note:

The New Colossus is one of the few games that left me physically mouth-agape when (Spoiler. Highlight the white text below.)

B.J. was literally decapitated in an execution and his allies rescued his head and put it on a new, Nazi super-soldier body!

Yeah, you read that right! It’s meant to be camp and bloody fun, it also explains away the weaker girls kicking ass by the inclusion of the cyber suits, so, just enjoy it. I know I will!