I know I’ve posted about weekend stuff before, but I’m trying to get a naming standard for stuff I want to do consistently.

Went to the coast again on Saturday. Can’t say I was looking forward to spending a whole day there, but that’s how things ended up. I actually had a lot to do at home, but Square-Enix is doing a promotion with Dippin’ Dots (yes, the ice cream) for an upcoming game and I wanted to participate. The flavors aren’t any different than the ones they normally have, but hey, you don’t often see Final Fantasy branded stuff in the states, so, we drove to the closest DD, which just happens to be in Ventura, for some deeply frozen ice cream dots. Naturally, once my wife heard about going near the beach we had to go TO the beach. I minor annoyance, but the day was nice so it wasn’t a horrible thing, I just didn’t get a bunch of stuff done that I wanted to back at the house.

(Sorry about the blurry pics, I was snapping them with my phone while ordering ice cream!)

If you’ve never had Dippin’ Dots find some and try them. The ice cream is really, really creamy, it just so happens that it comes in the form of tiny, super frozen dots that burn your tongue a little bit before melting. They are really good, and my only complaint is that you can’t get a good mouthful of the tiny things. Since I’m an ice cream junky, this is important. Oh, and they are kind of expensive.

I wanted to steal that Chocobo lunch box for my shelf of stuff, but I couldn’t. The older lady working there didn’t even know what any of this stuff was, just that it was for a promotion. It will probably get tossed out when they are done with it. Sad.

While we were actually in downtown Ventura I grabbed another shot of this huge magnolia tree. I wanted to get kind of a 360 image, but Microsoft killed the cool app that did that and I dont quite know how the panorama for my phone camera works. It seems like you can capture a “bubble” of images, but I guess not. Here’s a nice shot from underneath, though. I might have posted a similar shot before, but this tree is always amazing.


While cruising the sunshine we got hungry and though we brought stuff for sandwiches I’ve always wanted to try a little spot around the corner from Main Street called Tony’s Pizzaria. Now, the place seems like just a little hole in the wall joint and is, literally, only big enough for three customers to stand in comfortably at one time. It’s a straight shot from the beach where a bunch of surfers hang out and is likely a place they enjoy getting food from when they are done surfing for the day. Here is their website, though it does little to convey the small size of the place.


Aside from the main building they have a small eating area with a few games like corn-hole and giant jenga. It’s very “coastal chic”, with broad leaf plants and picnic tables. The pizza was really good, but it was super hot when we got it and I burned my tongue. The crust was very thin and crispy, and it had just the right amount of sauce, cheese and other toppings. As usual, a little on the expensive side, but what do you expect for the coast?

Looking out from Tony’s. Not a big place, but apparently very popular.

The owner was a nice guy, and his wall is covered with pictures of signed celebrity photographs from celebs like Noah Wyle and John Travolta. You can click on the link below to see the Bing street side view.


It was nice spending time with the wife, my son and his girlfriend. She’s a bit of an odd one, but, nice girl.

Lastly, enjoy this nice second shot of the big magnolia, with a few people in the frame to give you an idea of the size of the thing. They always have something going on down on Main Street, and today was a local vendor fair.  Not pictured, the tons of bums who hang out in this park with their bikes and bundles of junk and stink up the place. Click on the image to get the full effect!