Being an older gentleman and one who failed to lift in his youth, I’ve had to pursue the help of supplements in order to make any gains from lifting in my old age, which, to date, I can FEEL the results of but cannot really SEE the results of. Case in point, my friend and I have been lifting consistently for the past few weeks and though he is much younger than me I can lift far more weight than he can, likely because I’ve been lifting on and off over the past few years. I feel my biggest failure has been in the arena of consistency, but we’ve been at it for over six weeks now, and over the weekend he and I built a squat rack to help us out.


Don’t let it’s look throw you, its extremely sturdy and more than capable of handling what we can lift right now, which isn’t a lot, but that will change over time.


In the meantime, however, I’ve managed to grab a bottle of Red Growth from Red Supplements @ I’ve purchased some of their supplements before and had hoped to get some of their SARMS before they got banned, but I was too slow. After a couple of other bans on other muscle building products I was able to get Red Growth, which touts:

During a single 4 week cycle of Red Growth, it would not be unusual for you to pack on anywhere from 5 – 10 pounds of lean muscle mass while also losing body fat at the same time

Well I guess we will see about how this works, and I will be reporting back on my own results, possibly with some before and after pictures if I think it looks like I have an “AFTER” that looks different from “BEFORE”. If your a guy my age and want to add a little extra muscle to look better and feel better, these might give you a little boost, like I hope they do me.