Earlier today I found that someone had visited my site using Bing search, and that the item searched was “Why does society think women are powerless”. It must have pointed them toward one of my older posts, Women are Powerless, because I show a visit to that specific post – just one! This got me to thinking about who might ask such a question considering the day and age we live in, when women are portrayed as having all the power in the world, while men actually have very little. This also begs the question, “Are women REALLY powerless”?

Of course the answer is “no”, women aren’t entirely powerless in a sense. Obviously they have some power, but the problem is that the majority of their perceived power is only derived from and supported on the backs of men. Without these men 99% of the “power of women” would collapse!

Let’s take a look at the overall patriarchal and woman oppressing Middle East. As I asked in my Women are Powerless post, what prevents the women of these Middle Eastern countries, with all their supposed power, from overthrowing the oppression of men and keeping themselves from suffering beatings, honor killings and genital mutilation? If women are so badass and the power of the vagina is greater than that of nuclear energy why aren’t women at least of equal status to men in the Middle East as they are in Western countries?

Why? Because the women have no power!

Here in the West all the power of women must be backed by the power of powerful men to be of any use! Indeed the only power women of the West have is that they can summon a phalanx of such men at their beck and call! With a simple phone call or a cry for help the average man can find himself butting heads with bigger, stronger men! Men who are not only trained to hurt or possibly kill you, but who also have the governmental authority to do so! This is why it is absolutely vital to the feminist movement that women be believed about crimes like sexual assault without question! If those powerful men start to lose their belief and ignore women, thus NOT running to their aid at a moments notice or, worse, ignoring them, their power has been lost! The only reason why the women of the Middle East have yet to rise up and take power is that there aren’t enough powerful men on their side to give them what they want!

Women’s “power” is held up on the backs of men, yet women will gladly stand on those backs and boast about how they are not only as powerful as men, but MORE powerful, all while daring men to prove them wrong. The day will come when men will call their bluff, and it will be a devastating day for all.