I realize I don’t post much anymore about my tabletop game, Destructive Tendendies, so I thought I would make a small update on it in case anyone was interested.

My son, my best friend and I did some play testing using changes from the old system to a newer number system and, though it worked, I felt it was too wonky. Although we didn’t really have enough of the newer system built to perform as big a test as I would have liked I could tell from what we were able to do that there were far too many sets of numbers involved. Now, it is true that most tabletop game players (D&D, etc.) are likely expecting lots of numbers, but modern players, I think, dont have the same attention span and few are far between are the number crunchers of old.

That being said I am revamping my revamp and have come up with the idea for a system that is much more streamlined, a bit simpler AND just quirky enough to make the game stand out from other games, of which there are many. I’m busy typing up the basics now and hope to play test a little this weekend, without giving up my previous changes, just in case.

Also, it seems that my sons YouTube sponsor, a fairly well-known game company, might be interested if we can get the game working and playable, in turning into something they would sponsor and work to help sell. Cool stuff!