Lust: The Sin of Woman

One of the very first manospherian posts I remember reading, several years ago, was on how a poll was taking asking Christian women what is the most common and difficult sin facing Christian men today.

Their answer: Lust.

They were then asked what the most common and difficult sin facing Christian women was.

Their answer: Lack of self esteem.

Yes, the sin of woman is not believing enough in herself.

dont want to live on this planet anymore

I would like to suggest, however, that women have it half-way backward.

See most people think of lust in sexual terms, which means that these women are insinuating that men are consistently fighting with, and losing, a battle with desiring other women, but this is not the entire definition of the word. A search on the word throughout the King James bible reveals that lust is not always sexual, though it can be, and it is not always described as something bad.

Women are the queens of lust, and I would argue that lust is ten times more a woman issue than a man issue. Women are encouraged to lust in modern Western society, for both people and things. There are entire temples to female lust for things in the form of the neighborhood “mall”. Women lust after men, after clothing, after jewelry, trips, cars, even body shapes. And I dont mean lust in a good way, I mean the pouting, mean-spirited, if-I-can’t-have-it-nobody-can kind of lust that starts at childhood and doesn’t end until their dying breath. Few and far between is the woman who is happy and satisfied with who, where and what they are in life, but the modern West has made this woman even more difficult to find than the most rare of classic cars or baseball cards.

Men are no better, true, as they are also human and have a fallen and sinful nature, but modern women are encouraged through every possible avenue to lust for more. Television, movies, magazines, books: Through every medium woman is told she should never have to settle for second best – hell, not even for FIRST best! She must be unique! She must have what others do not and what they cannot in order to set herself apart and make herself the envy of others!

Christian women are encouraged to lust for position and power:

Why should only men get to be pastors? Women are more spiritual and closer to God! We should get to be leaders, especially over other women! No man can talk to women about their spiritual issues, how could he know what it means to be a woman?

Why should I be completely subservient to my husband? I’m smarter than he is, and besides if I were to be obedient in EVERYTHING like the bible says then he would have me doing sinful things, I know it! I NEED to be in charge of myself at least a little bit, and maybe even a lot!

If you are a woman, don’t be THIS woman. If you are a man, avoid this woman! If you’re already married to this woman, well, you have quite a fight ahead of you, since calling her out on her lust will likely send her into fits of anger and will be seen as you being “unloving”. I would say patience is key here, but no amount of patience is going to change her mind, she needs to understand what the word says about lust and what the word says about her position in the marriage. Those seeking power and position in the church must be stonewalled from gaining a foot through the door and, likely, asked to leave, as, if they continue seeking such positions after being made clearly aware of the restrictions on women teaching made in the bible, they will likely not stop, but will instead rally other women and weak men to their cause.

We must return to the biblical definition of lust in order to weed it out. Attributing it solely to sexual lust and almost solely to men has greatly hampered spiritual growth in women.




  1. Usually women’s biggest sins are:

    Pride – especially if they can’t think of any actual sin they are struggling with.

    Discontentment – this is clear big one. Discontent in the garden wanting the fruit and other hypergamous impulses. The discontent usually morphs into other sins, depending on what it is. If it’s attention, then they’ll go to facebook, instagram or other social media. If it’s lust, then they’ll try to go to relationships and sex. If it’s envy, then they’re try to buy as many material possessions and mimic others as much as possible. And so on.

    • Though pride may be the bigger sin in women’s lives the point was that women are actively involved in the sin of lust on a far larger scale than men are, its just not called “lust” because of the misunderstanding of what lust is. Pride might be a bigger sin than even we give it credit for, but pride has been converted to a virtue for women, who are told they should be “proud daughters of the king” and not willing to accept anything but the best of the best of the best, which kind of falls back into lust (for things or status or position). Discontentment also seems to fall into lust, as discontentment is a lust for something “better” rather than being content with what you currently possess (or status, or position, etc.).

      Most women wouldn’t say they lust. The bible says they do.

  2. Women bitch about some of the effects of feminism such as the fact its made it 1000x harder for them to find husbands as most men are pussies now and most of the men who are not pussies are only interested in short term pleasure but they love most of the effects of feminism such as voting rights and “empowerment”. Women need to decide if they want to be men with tits or they want to be women and submit to men.

    They turn male spaces into female dominated ones and then proceed to bitch when all the manly men either up and leave or otherwise disengage. How stupid do women have to be to believe their number 1 problem is low self esteem. Society has spent the last century telling them how wonderful they are and they demand even more worship.

    Maybe if so called christian women would stop delaying marriage in the name of empowerment and actually fulfill the marital duty men wouldn’t have such a problem with lust. Oh but that would involve women being accountable for something and we all know sacred vagina must not be held accountable for anything ever because vagina.

    • The problem isn’t that women aren’t told enough how wonderful they are, its that they have a really tough time accepting how wonderful they are! If they could just get past the self-loathing and negative feelings about their hair, their makeup, their weight, their attitude: Instead of being concerned about “Am I a bad person and should I change”, if they can just accept who they are and see it as wonderful, the whole self-esteem issue would be fixed! The sin of low self-esteem would be wiped from the face of the earth! That devil, though, he will use bad thoughts against a woman like “maybe I should lose weight” or, “maybe I shouldn’t fight with my husband so much”, or “maybe I shouldn’t be hanging out with all my divorced friends” but, no! She can’t let these things stop her from truly loving herself the way God intended: Above everyone else, willing to push aside “scraps” and be patient enough for the diamonds she deserves. /s

      • “I would say patience is key here, but no amount of patience is going to change her mind, she needs to understand what the word says about lust and what the word says about her position in the marriage”

        What about you take another wife. That way it doesn’t matter how much of a cunt wife A is, she has no power over you because you can go bang wife B every single time wife A claims she is “not in the mood” or “has a headache”.

      • If you can manage that in modern society then go for it, but most men, even if they could convince a second woman to become a second wife, still have to deal with the potential minefield of legal garbage if one of the two decides to cash in her chips. One phone call, one mention of “abuse” while at the doctor and its all over, or, at minimum, you’re in for years of headaches dealing with legal and other stuff. Though its a solution afforded men by God, it would be difficult to partake of in the West in our current environment.

      • In regards to legal garbage. She can call the police and accuse you of beating her and divorce you whenever she wants because women vote and women have voted in these shit laws. Having anything to do with women is difficult in our current environment. You might as well run your marriage with the expectation and assumption that the law will never get involved. Otherwise you will be so terrified of offending Her Majesty that you will be utterly emasculated and she will divorce you anyway out of boredom.

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