NOTE: This article starts off with some gaming news, but is not about gaming.

So I’m currently watching a video by YouTube channel “The Quartering” regarding the game Assassin’s Creed. Apparently in the most recent iteration of the game you can decide whether or not your character is gay or straight, and the choices you make do have an affect on the games outcome.

HOWEVER, recent DLC (downloadable content) starts with your character, male or female, gay or straight, obtaining a child, either by giving birth to one or getting a female pregnant. Now, this isn’t done arbitrarily, but is done because the next set of DLC (or expansion, I don’t quite remember) has to do with the continuing bloodline of the assassins featured in the game. So, without the child, no bloodline is maintained which means, technically, the series would end! In fact, it would be great if, at the end of the game, if you chose to make all the gay choices, the game just stopped and even if you purchased the DLC you would be told you can’t play until OTHER choices are made. Why? BECAUSE YOU MADE YOUR CHARACTER GAY AND THEY CAN’T MAKE BABIES THAT WAY! Anyway, problems arose when certain people threw a fit over the fact that, “Hey, I made my character gay! Why do I suddenly have a baby?” Forget the fact that its a game and, yes, there is a story and certain elements of that story have to be met for it to work. However, the games developer, Ubisoft, bent the knee and succumbed to the boo-hoo crybaby demands of a small number of people and are rewriting scenes and dialog from the DLC so as not to bruise their tender sentiments.

Herein lies the problem. Not with whiny SJW gamers who have nothing better to do than take out their self-hatred and frustration on a game, but with the response of the game developer. Whether SJW gamers or left wing liberal whack jobs the response seems to be giving them what they want. Now, unfortunately, when you are dealing with a company or entity comprised of SJW’s and left wing liberal whack jobs then you expect this because they are all working toward the same goal – to make themselves feel better about themselves. Companies like Starbucks or Facebook, run by liberals, take much of their worth from not being offensive or hurting peoples feelings. When they are told they are being offensive or hurting someone’s feelings there’s a mad rush to fix the “problem”. When the problem is “fixed” there’s internal rounds of applause and plenty of patting ones self on the back until the next “problem” arises. This has the double effect of giving these entities a temporary high for righting what they see as a slight or injustice, as well as giving those who were complaining a temporary high for having a fleeting moment of false godhood, where they were able to exhibit righteous rage and change the world, even if it was only their own little world. It also feeds the massive dumpster fire that is SJW-ism and liberalism.

Unfortunately appeasing the masses seems to be a common tactic from both liberal AND conservative entities, including and up to the president. For conservatives, however, it is a tactic that will always result in backfiring results. Conservatives cave in hopes their acts will appease the vocal masses AND make them seem caring while keeping their good name in the eyes of the public, but like any fire, feeding it only makes it grow. When a conservative gives in to vocal liberals all they do is empower those liberals to complain more and become more vocal!

The best thing to do when dealing with these types is to ridicule them into dust or ignore them completely. Feeding the attention whoredom only strengthens their resolve, but shaming them….yes, shaming them. Ridicule is the poison for these rats.

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Your typical SJW type.