Hawk on a fence.

I had the opportunity to get a picture of this guy while out on a job site yesterday. He, and those like him, are the main reason I bought the lens attachment for my phone and I can already tell it was well worth the money! Now, I did have to delve into the digital zoom to get this shot, since I didnt want to get close enough to scare him away. I think it ended up at 14x zoom (10x optical + 4x digital). I think it turned out pretty good! I snapped a few shots and then he flew away. I wanted to get a shot of him in flight but I accidentally left the phone app and the camera lens closed and took a cool minute to open back up. I dont think it would have been a good shot anyway, as he blended into the foliage pretty well once he took off on a low flight to a different part of the field.


Cool stuff! I’m excited about this lens and hope to post more pictures soon! You can see a little more information about the lens attachment in this post here, or at the Motorola True Zoom mod page.



  1. Nice shot. We notice in Kansas, they perch on road signs (disproportionately to raptors here in Colorado, that is), which makes them relatively accessible.

    • I see a lot on fences and power poles. Saw one the other day with a lizard in it’s claws but that was before I got the lens. The fact that I missed a great picture is what prompted me to buy it since I had the cash.

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