I found our purchased a number of interesting items over the past few weeks so I thought I would share them.

Husky workbench

I’ve actually been looking forward to buying this workbench for some time because it has an integrated router plate in it. Because the workbench itself is a good 50% larger than my current router table AND it sits lower than the router table on top of my other workbench it means a much easier time doing template cutting for my wooden swords.


Unfortunately, however, the thing doesn’t come with a list of compatible routers, indicating only that it fits “most popular routers”. This actually translates into “the most expensive routers” because the three I have didn’t fit, but the 150$ Porter Cable or the 200$ Rigid routers at the Home Depot seem like they would. Strangely enough even the Ryobi routers DIDN’T FIT THE PLATE!

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention, but so its irritation. After reading up on a few guys who built their own custom wooden router plates to accommodate their routers and the problems they had I decided to go one step further and instead headed to Walmart for a 3/8″ cutting board.


After a couple of hours of measuring, cutting, drilling, sanding and filing I ended up with something very, very useable and safe.


It’s not perfect, but it works very, very well. So well, in fact, that when I get enough money to buy a Infinity spiral trim bit and a router that can accommodate a 1/2″ shank I will make another one!

Motorola Moto Z Optical Lens Attachment

I miss my Windows phone, but I really enjoy my Motorola Moto Z3. I’ve mentioned it before and the flagship feature of the device is that it can accept attachments. So far I’ve purchased an extended battery pack, a speaker (Non-Bluetooth, you just snap it on), a gamepad (Awesome! Has a built in battery for extra play time.), a wireless charging plate and a little folio case. Recently I picked up the optical camera lens attachment and I am more than pleased with it.


Unlike those weird little clip on lenses this doesn’t enhance the phone lens but REPLACES the lens while its snapped on. Its an amazing piece of engineering, and once you snap it on the back of the phone the little door pops open and the lens extends. From there it works like a normal camera, with a little lever that causes it to zoom in or out, partial button depression for focus and full press for snapping a picture. It also has a stronger flash. Made by Hassleblad, who I am unfamiliar with, but I’m no photographer so I assume they are someone important. With the lens on I get 10x optical zoom or 40x optical + digital zoom. Optical zoom is vastly superior to digital zoom, and I’m hoping I can take some better pictures with it. Not sure why it won’t let me switch to 16:9 widescreen, though.

Lens attachment example: Ventura beach.

Old Newspaper Clipping

While working at a job site I ran across an old newspaper clipping in a frame regarding the rail industry. I had really hoped the image would have turned out better, but it is what it is. What’s interesting is that Bakersfield, CA is a growing mini-metropolis but Taft, CA, which was once an oil boomtown, is quickly dying, despite the fact that almost all of Kern county’s oil is out there (It’s where I typically end up for work). In recent years, however, they’ve added a long track through Bakersfield to Taft and some kind of oil loading/unloading station out in the boonies.


This newspaper clipping has been here in this room for a few years, I’m wondering if the customer I work for out there would be willing to part with it, as it’s pretty cool stuff.

That’s it for now! Hopefully Ill find more stuff soon!