Gillette can bite me and, hopefully, plenty of other men will drop them as a tool used to shave their face. For better or worse, masculinity, “toxic” or not, has pulled humanity out of mud huts clear through the stone age, the renaissance, the nuclear age and into a period of time once only dreamt of in science fiction books.

Masculinity is no more toxic than femininity is.

Fuck you, Gillette.



  1. This ad is cringeworthy in every possible way. Gillette indeed suggests that so far society’s definition of “The best a man can get” was a bully, a haughty businessman who won’t let others finish their sentences, or a dumb guy behind a grill who’ll thoughtlessly repeat what others say etc. And now Gillette wants to campaign against those stereotypes when all they actually do is promote them!! (In order to make women look better in comparison?!)
    Here’s my idea of “The best a man can get”: A good man has strong and warm arms to provide hugs. He knows what he’s doing which enables him to display a quiet and unexcited resolve when others get hectic. He knows when and how to speak his mind, and he has a good work ethic. If he also has a velvety deep voice, a nice rear and some imagination he’ll come pretty close to my definition of “The best a man can get”.

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