No, this is not about actual snowflakes which are comprised of ice and, well, cold, but is instead the short story of a liberal snowflake I ran into on the social network, Minds.

I’ve been a member of Minds for some time and its an interesting platform. They say they dont censor, though some of their users say they do, but if they are censoring adult content it doesn’t show. I’ve subscribed to a few users who post adult images (both sexual and non-sexual), and this is a tale of one such person. Now understand that to my knowledge avoiding adult content on the site is kind of difficult. Though there is an option to “not view adult content” from what I can tell you still see posts marked explicit, but the post itself will be blurred out. You can still pretty much tell what it is and a simple click on the post to “confirm you are 18 or older” will reveal whats beneath.

It was through a few of these posts I found a woman whos’ claim to fame was that she started having sex early and often at a young age and fully embraced her sexuality with her husband and her sister. Her bio said that she would be posting stories, all true as far as she would let on, about her life and sexual exploits. She posted a lot of erotic material, but it was mostly ignored by me, simply more T&A in a sea of T&A. What caught my eye, however, was her posts on her learning to scuba dive. The images she included were amazing. Whether they were of her or not I dont know, as the people in the images were fully clothed and, of course, in full diving gear, but the pictures of sea life and a horrible mile deep trench caught my attention.

Now, I’m all for fun and adventure, but deep, dark water and my psyche dont get along. Mentally its very unnerving for me, so much so that I have trouble walking out over the pier in Ventura at night.

I made a few comments to which she responded and we had a bit of a conversation going. I obliged her by subscribing to her page and sending her a few Minds tokens, which can be used to boost posts across the platform and she, in turn, subscribed to me and started upvoting a few of my posts as well. All seemed fine.

She had made a post about someone making comments about her sexual relationship with her sister and I made a comment about something biblical to which she responded with the bible being a book full of allegory and the most re-written book in history, blah, blah, blah. I responded in turn by telling her I just posted a comment because I was bored at work and I wasn’t interested in arguing about biblical things with anyone, since it doesn’t do any good anyway. If that was her opinion she was welcome to it. No big deal, she’s a wacky leftist or wiccan or who knows what, I dont care, I dont have to engage with her on that level anyway.

Unfortunately, however, she posted a comment on my page in response to a post I had shared about actor Gary Sinise taking a bunch of military kids to Disney world about how he must be either ignorant, stupid or a pedophile for taking a bunch of kids there, knowing it was full of pedophiles. Included was a news report about a some pedophile ring being broken up right there in the park. Of course, I’d never heard of such a thing, but, whatever.

I then asked her if, given the well documented problem of drug abuse, physical abuse and sex-trafficking in the porn industry if she thought she was ignorant, stupid or a sex-trafficker for posting erotic images and videos, or if maybe she just liked what she saw and thought others might like it too.

HA! It was a rhetorical question, of course, intended to point out the silliness of such an assumption that Gary Sinise was any of those things, but to the liberal snowflake a rhetorical question is far beyond their comprehension or tolerance level! I found myself blocked and several of my comments and posts downvoted within minutes and several saucy worded responses to my question and to a few other comments I had made on her posts. Not only that, but then she demands to know my age because I dont “appear to be the sharpest tack in the box”. Why on earth would I continue to have a conversation with someone who has just blocked me and screamed at me??

Just goes to show you, no matter what platform your on the snowflakes are there too, and they all act just the same: Whiny, baby-like and immune to things like logic, humor or the nuances of the English language.


Everyone have a happy new year!