2018 Wrap Up

So I haven’t posted in a while because so much has been going on with the holidays and family events. 2018 was an interesting year, but not a fantastic one. My daughter did get married and my son spent several months stationed in Japan, but we lost his best friend, a young 19 year old Marine with literally his whole life ahead of him. Unfortunately my friend lost his marriage, and it says a lot about his wife that she would initiate this during the holidays, when it is especially painful for the guy. He spent much of it with me and my family and he had some fun, but you could see it in his eyes and read his face – he is broken. I think we are all looking forward to this year ending and the new one beginning.

2019 will see the return of the podcast, which I haven’t done in a couple of months AND which was still technically in its testing phase after the last one, which was only the second one overall. I plan on sticking to the “every two week” schedule I had originally planned on going with until I decide whether or not I have enough material and time to do one a week. I also plan on getting back to my weekly game stream, hopefully hitting that a couple of times a week, once with Final Fantasy 14 and once for whatever game I feel like playing, since I stocked up on them over the holiday season. Ill post a schedule once I get established.

Amazon kicked me from the affiliate program for – get this – offensive posts on my Facebook page! Probably a million times less offensive than this page (they reviewed both pages) my FB page, unfortunately, hosts some shared posts from Hi-Point firearms, which, from what I can see, would be the only thing they could possibly find offensive! I don’t care to pursue trying to fix it, Amazon, Facebook – they all suck. Heck, I think even Minds, an alternative to FB, has been wrestling with its own censorship and banning issues, which is pretty sad because it was supposed to be a “free speech platform”. However, allowing porn and weed posts along with all the other standard “government sucks” and daily photography generates it own sets of problems.

I have other plans as well, which I might allude to in the podcast after the first of the year.

Thanks, everyone, for visiting my little corner of the internet. Like many of you I am no one of consequence, just a guy (or girl) with a couple of hobbies and a platform with which to vent or show off. You dont HAVE to visit, but I’m honored that you do!



  1. From the information you posted about your friend I’m not surprised his wife divorced him. I hope he doesn’t end up killing himself but instead takes a good look at what he did wrong and learn from it. It might force him to change his ways.

    • He made mistakes, but it was the mistakes we all make when we are ignorant and only doing what we have been told to do from youth. I spoke with him a bit about where to go from here and he was very receptive to some red pill truth. He acknowledged that, had I approached him with my concerns about his wife before he wouldn’t have believed me, but understood that what I was telling him about the general nature of women was tough to swallow, but sounded right. Too bad it takes this kind of event, though, to remove the rose colored glasses from a man and get him to see reality.

      • How long did his marriage last for? Why did he not see that him essentially pleading with his wife did not work? I have never been in that situation and I’m interested to know what he was thinking.

      • Three or four years, I think. Why wouldn’t he think pleading and begging would work, it’s what Christian men have been trained to do! I was the same way after I had issues with my own wife, but it probably too a good year or so after the worst of our problems before it struck me that something wasn’t adding up. I was doing everything I had been told would work, but it was just making things worse! Why? Movies, books, other Christian men all said this was how to win over a woman’s heart! They can’t all have been wrong…right? Fortunately he had someone (me) who was red pill aware to point out to him WHY his course of action wasn’t going to work.

      • Surely you can tell from the fact the sex is dying that something is very wrong! Its hard for me to understand as I have never been in that situation.

      • I dont know anything about their sex life, but I know his wife worked a lot, so I’m sure the standard “I’m tired tonight” bit would have worked well enough. And to a standard, Christian guy, the nice thing to do would have been not to press the issue and let your wife get her sleep.

      • Yeah, but remember we are talking about someone still “in the matrix”. It works until it doesn’t, even if its the wrong solution. Its a sad situation, but Dalrock has been hitting it on the head with his posts about chivalry, romantic love and where the church started to veer off course and accept this non-biblical ideal as, not only biblical, but as a core principle of Christianity. So many men led astray and living as slaves when they should be masters. Benevolent masters, but masters nonetheless, as God commanded.

      • Why do people listen to what the pastor says? You expect them to give you the truth about women? The best you are going to get is that complementarianism cancer, you will never hear real talk about the nature of women. Those useless men are still claiming that men are visual whilst women are relational DESPITE Potiphars wife going after Joseph because he was good looking.

        I was once told that its wrong to desire sex with your wife more than praying with her. I once asked if there will be sex in the afterlife and was told I was wrong to even ask such questions. WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM!!!!

      • I understand your frustration, but you have to remember that “the pastor knows what it is talking about ” is the standard M.O. for most Christians and its what they teach their kids. It took some serious issues in my own marriage for me to realize that the pastor of our church was doing and recommending things that were 180 degrees opposite what the bible said to do and say! Once I realized that I started searching for answers as to WHY he was doing this, which eventually helped lead me to red pill stuff, which in turn lead me to read and learn the bible on my own, apart from study books and commentaries – just straight bible. Unless something is wrong with the matrix no one is going to question it! Its the proverbial “deja vu” of the movie of the same name. We count it as coincidence until someone in the know points out that its actually a flaw in the way things work. Wake up calls suck, but sometimes its what we need because we are sleeping.

      • My church is complementerian which is another branch of feminism. It was started by John Piper who believes that there was a historic abuse of women by men and that machismo is bad. He is a feminist because anyone who agrees that men used to abuse women on a large scale has capitulated to the feminists. He tells men they need to “step up to the plate” and lead with sacrificial leadership which is always code for men serving and worshipping women. He is completely useless and I despise him.

        I treat church as a social club. I disagree with so much of what they teach at this point. There are a few Christians I like to talk to about theology but the pastorship is way off when it comes to the wimminz.

      • Yeah, who knows where the hole schtick of “men historically abused women” came from, but likely from literature. I don’t doubt some men did (and do) abuse women, but not en masse like some people teach/preach. Historically I dont see why men would abuse, physically or otherwise, what should be one of their most prized possessions. Particularly Christian men. The whole concept is a fantasy dreamt up by feminists and beset upon by white knight men. Of course, when you use the modern definition of abuse then everything men did to women back then could easily been seen as abusive. Heck, I just watched a couple of scenes from some John Wayne movies in which The Duke himself and another man both smacked the bottoms of their ladies and back then no one would have batted an eye. In fact, both men were still considered manly sex symbols and desirable despite their “abuse”. I guess when you gaslight an entire generations methods you can say they were doing whatever you want.

      • Historical abuse of women comes from feminism which is from satan. Its one of the foundation pillars of that horrible religion.

        The leadership hate “machismo” or masculine men because masculine men ask questions the leadership don’t want to answer. Women and weak men submit and obey but the macho man does not. Its one of the reasons why they haven’t done anything about the drought of men in church (which is obvious to everyone) because it means they are never challenged on anything.

        The pastors at the church I go to have repeatedly slammed machismo and its simply because they want a compliant congregation. They never bother to define what they mean (presumably they expect everyone will know) but they hate testosterone. I have got a lot to say on this!

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