This isn’t a knock against women so much as it is gullible men. During the week I overheard my dad talking to someone about my buddy I mentioned in another post, the one who’s wife is divorcing him. During the conversation my dad mentioned to whom he was speaking: “You know, I told him, maybe this is God trying to get your attention because you haven’t been walking right with him for a while.”

No. No, no, NO!

How did this become a thing and when did it start getting pushed by Christian men so much? I’ve mentioned before that when my own wife and I had issues I started reading a book about how wives were a mans “compass” and an indicator of whether or not he was walking right with God. Even back then, as blue pill and stupid as I was I questioned it because it made no sense! My wife at the time was telling me that SHE was having all kinds of issues, “so what then,” I thought, “am I supposed to do if my compass is BROKEN?” It caused me all kinds of issues and confusion particularly because the bible doesn’t say women are perfect – they are born with the same sinful nature men are! So how do pastors and other Christians expect women to be a guidance system for men when they are just as broken, despicable and lost as we are?? They can’t! Not only is it an impossibility its not biblical and therefore the concept should be summarily rejected!

I got ahold of my friend last night and reminded him that what he is going through is the result of his wife’s sinful and selfish decisions and NOT a reflection of his walk with the Lord. The fact that he tried to hold his wife to her vows and even tried the whole “I can change” bit, to her refusal, says more about his walk with God than anything!

If men want a good diagnosis of their walk with God they only need look to the bible. Are you obeying Gods commandments? Yes? Great! Keep on doing that! No? Pray about it and get on board with doing so! DO NOT LOOK TOWARD YOUR WIFE! She can be happy, sad or bitchy regardless of your walk with God and to gauge your walk with Him based on her current emotion is self-destructive and foolish.

Dont give in to the “strange doctrine”, because that’s what it is.