“She has little to no concept of the power and truth behind “somebody make me feel alive and shatter me” because she doesn’t understand her own nature as a woman.”

– Why wouldn’t she understand this?

Reader Johanna responds in one of my previous posts, Conflicting Messages: Shatter Me, Hold My Heart asking why Lindsey Stirling (only one of the cutest redheads on the planet) wouldn’t understand her own nature as a woman, and thus doesn’t understand the truth behind they lyrics of her song “Shatter Me” . Johanna, like some of the other women that post on my tiny and fairly unknown blog, appears to be (based upon some of her other responses to my posts) one of the few ladies out there that actually IS aware of her own nature, but on the whole most women DO NOT. The concept of intentionally but unknowingly causing drama because women NEED IT to feel alive is a concept so out in left field that most women know the symptom but dont realize the underlying cause.

I have mentioned before that years ago my wife told me that she didn’t understand how, while I was at work, she would long for me to be home so we could spend some time together, yet when I would walk through the door those feelings left and she would intentionally get frustrated with and fight with me. At the time I had no clue what was going on, I just figured I was doing something wrong or that she was going crazy when what she wanted, in fact, was to “feel alive” via conflict. Emotionally she was drained from spending all day with the kids. She felt, for lack of a better term: “Blah”. She wanted sparks. She wanted her heart pounding. She wanted passion. These things can be generated in a relationship, but if you want them in a hurry what do you do? Create conflict! The blood gets racing! Emotions run high! One moment you could be screaming, the next making passionate love if everything plays out correctly.

Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me!

Women. Live. On. Emotion.

Unfortunately most women don’t know they live on emotion, and that when they don’t get enough emotion they will take matters into their own hands and generate it somehow, even at great cost to themselves, so long as they can feel alive.

I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel,

I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real.

It takes a woman of great introspection to realize that this lives inside of her and that it is a very destructive force no matter how it is used. In a relationship, unless a man is aware of this nature, it will drive him to thinking he is constantly doing something wrong and making his wife angry or that she is just a lunatic who can never be pleased. Outside of a relationship it can cause women to do stupid things like jump from bed to bed in an attempt to maintain a temporary emotional high or perform stupid stunts for attention like getting huge, rancid tattoos or painting herself with her own menstrual blood (I’m not making this up. Do yourself a favor and just believe me and forgo looking it up on the internet).

Modern society has chosen to not only ignore this “feature” of women but has actually made it worse and glorified it via the “you go girl” strong, angry feminist trope we see in movies, music and TV today. The story of the beautiful and free young lass who gets spurned, perhaps seeing her boyfriend talking to another woman. Her anger is ignited and she gets revenge by bashing his car, poisoning him or finding another man for herself and flaunting her whorish behavior in his face. Her craziness is treated as power when in reality its nothing more than mental illness and the acting out of a child.

This is not hidden knowledge, simply knowledge that has been intentionally forgotten. I am reminded of the anti-suffragette posters I saw some pictures of not too long ago. Written by women, against women, they foretold much “henpecking” if the “hens” were allowed into politics. Why? Because women love drama, love emotion and love themselves more than the others around them.


This post is not meant to pick on dear Johanna, who has provided me with some really cool links to artwork and such, but rather to simply point out that the majority of women we see walking down the street don’t understand their own emotional nature, and many wouldn’t care if they did! To them its a weapon to be wielded as needed, and a very effective weapon it is! Just witness what power just a few tears have when shed not only in front of men, but in front of other women also! Its like sympathy on tap! Modern law has proven that the tears of a woman can prevent her from getting held responsible for ANYTHING – even murder!

I suppose at one time older women taught the younger that this was a part of them and a part that, if not controlled, wasn’t very pretty. Certainly the men of the older times knew this and we have many ancient sayings and proverbs about the emotional stability of women according to men. Most would say they are just the products of a time when women were “oppressed”.

I say they are wisdom that both men and women can learn from.