Take a look at this. It’s the new She-Ra cartoon from Dreamworks studios, the same studio that did the new Voltron series, which was fantastic by the way. This, though. I dont know if she is supposed to be pre-pubescent and that’s why she has no chest, but her face and arms scream “boy”. Something is very off-putting about it, and I would like to say that its not done intentionally, but, so much now days IS done intentionally. I wouldn’t have been watching this anyway, but this removes even any passing interest.

Juxtapose this to the design of the old, original She-Ra or some of the more “That is definitely a woman” fan artwork:

The programming of your children is out there. Always check on what they watch, because SJW’s can hid things really, really well, and apparently places like Netflix and Cartoon Network dont always screen whats being played, they just expect episodes to be produced and let it ride so long as no complaints come in.