No surprise here: I am not white. I will refer to myself as a “brown American” because I AM an American and I am brown because of my Hispanic heritage. I am not a Mexican-American nor am I “Hispanic”. That being said, I feel for the plight of the white man in America. Having been the major player and contributor to human history for the past thousand years or so the world has turned against them, likely due to envy. No other race of people have done more, and succeeded, to cure the plights of humanity. From diseases to disabilities, engineering, science, food – the white race has done more to advance humanity in all of these sectors. Naturally they are not the only contributors, and I dont personally know any white people in my own circle of friends and acquaintances who would claim they were. Nor were they the originators of many of the worlds concepts, ideas and processes, but they have progressed them far past where they were left, and far beyond what was once thought humanly possible.

Recent events have brought to light, once again, the misconception that president Trump is, through his stance as a nationalist, radicalizing white men to hate those not like them. That his call for more tightly controlled borders, for returning certain manufacturing jobs that once resided in the United States, but have since been outsourced to other countries, back to the United States, for closing loopholes in the system that allow any foreigner, with ill intent or not, to simply give birth on American soil and then reap the benefits of a system they did not support or pay into, in addition to now bringing in their families to partake in the same system, are a secret Nazi code for “non-whites are bad, hunt them”.

If this is what you think makes white men mad then you are a dolt. I don’t care if you hold degrees in whatever sciences or mathematics: You are an idiot.

What makes white, American men mad are what traditionally have made ANY men mad: The intentional destruction of their society.

Native Americans? Probably didn’t like other tribes invading their land, taking their women, food and resources and killing their brothers.

Middle Easterners? Probably didn’t like other tribes invading their land, taking their women, food and resources and killing their brothers.

Mongols? Russians? Chinese? British? Check. Check. Check. Aaaaand check.

Throughout history MEN have gotten pretty irritated when their families, lands and livelihoods have been threatened. Unfortunately for Americans its one of the few times in history where the threat has come from within the citizens OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

The medieval Russians were all Russians in Russia. When the Mongol horde attacked it was Russians defending Russia against the Mongols.

In America the white man is part of a “melting pot” that, at one time, melded together as Americans, but is now being split apart and back into its colored factions. Where the Russians stood shoulder to should with their brethren and faced East toward the Golden Horde the American white man stands surrounded by those who are attacking him from all sides, INCLUDING his brethren! Few are those other whites who will stand with him to defend his family, land and livelihood and he doesn’t know which of those not like him to trust.

Does that sound racist? It might, but what choice is there? I would gladly stand with a white friend to defend what is ours, but there are dozens of my kind who want to see him dead.

We are at a unique point in this experiment called the United States, and make no mistake, that’s exactly what we are! THE U.S. IS AN EXPERIMENT STILL RUNNING! We are not like any other government that has been established before us, we are not like any other country established before us. This has lead to unfettered progress for humanity, but it has also lead to undiscovered problems.

If there had been Mongols living in Russia in those medieval times who spoke up in favor of the Horde they would have been enthusiastically dispatched and no one would have batted an eye. That’s not the case here in the U.S. Our laws prevent that, and for good reason, but now it presents a problem.

The presidents words are not radicalizing white men to violence, the slow, but hastening and approved destruction of the white mans family, land and livelihood will do that. It is fortunate, however, that most white Americans still believe in the system put in place to instigate change. It is fortunate, however, that most white Americans who stand with our president have jobs and better things to do than march around barking slogans and disrupting the lives of others.

But make no mistake, even with the direction the white American man has been headed, with soy boys and trannies being seen more and more often, the white American male still has enough strength that, when his limit is reached and he rises up, there will be devastating consequences.

That being said, the white men you see in the news who are being “radicalized” are shown time and time again to be those mentally unstable followers of the left wing liberal party of the American political system. Time and time again we see these easily programmed agents of destruction doing EXACTLY what they are told to do, be it causing mayhem, destruction, harassing people in restaurants, getting in peoples faces. To think that the words of the president, words that encourage investing in America first IF YOU’RE AN AMERICAN, when held up to what the leadership of the liberal left are instructing their zombie-like hordes to do, is to turn a blind eye to logic and common sense.

To date, the conservative right has a miniscule history of “radicalized” followers in comparison to the liberal left. I won’t say it hasn’t happened, but I would posit that the liberal left has produced far more radicalized men than the conservative right. Hell, the liberal playbook has the word “radicals” right there in the name!

I know, on this blog, I’m likely preaching to the choir, but I know the occasional leftist finds their way here, and I also know that there are, shockingly, a number of so called conservatives, particularly religions conservatives, who are falling for the lie that calling for the protection of our country and putting ourselves first, above the needs and desires and demands of foreigners, is a call to arms against non-whites.

Don’t fall for it. The WORLD fares better when WE fare better. History has proven it true, don’t believe the lie.