You know what sucks? Searching for your phone charger. Phone chargers are ridiculously small and ridiculously expensive, but necessary if you want to, you know, charge your phone!

Do yourself and your family a favor and buy/install a couple of these combo outlet/usb chargers through my Amazon affiliate and always have a “charger” built into your wall! I mean, you still have to have a cable nearby (and don’t get me started on all THOSE things!), but at least half your problem is already solved!

If you can’t install these yourself, make sure you find someone who can. Electricity is no joke. You dont know nervous until your standing in a room with a 480v motor control center and an inch of water on the floor (unless your working on 12kv lines 100 feet in the air, then go ahead and disregard anything I just said).

Click on the image below to visit Amazon through my affiliate page and purchase one or more of these bad boys! You get your stuff and I get a 7% cut of your purchase for advertising! Thanks!