My wife and I celebrate our 23rd anniversary this month. We actually celebrate twice, with the second being our “Subway anniversary”. We got married in my parents living room in normal clothes then had an official “wedding” two weeks later. We did this so we could snag an apartment before it became unavailable and move in without being perceived as moving in together unmarried.

If you’ve been on my site for some time you might get the impression that I dont like my wife, but you would be wrong. I both like and love her, even though I take issue with the way she lives out her Christianity. In some ways its my own fault for not taking the time to learn and study scripture while I was younger, or for understanding my role as a husband. At the same time it is absolutely her own doing that she fails to change her way of thinking after seeing the truth that is in the bible.

But, this post isn’t really to get into that. Instead I will point out some of the things I love about my wife, whom I will affectionately call ‘trxAngel’.

  1. Good lord can she cook. Having been born in Oklahoma she was raised to know how to make some of that down home Midwest food and she excels at it like nobody else I know. Fried chicken? To die for. Chicken fried steak? Heavenly. When it comes to baking there doesn’t seem to be anything she can’t succeed at making, and making deliciously well. I’ve always considered the possibility of buying a cooking trailer for the local county fair and having her sell plates of food from it, and she would absolutely go for it. Less risky than an actual restaurant, but could possibly lead in to one.
  2. She’s very physical and keeps herself well. This is both a blessing and a curse for me in that I like that she is always up for walking (everywhere) and there’s very few physical activities she would turn down. This ends up causing me some trouble, however, because of my bad knees. I’m all for climbing trails, riding bikes and skydiving, but I know that doing so for any extended period of time (greater than an hour, or less depending on the activity) leaves me with throbbing pain for days afterward. That being said, some time after the birth of our youngest she got into fitness and does her best to stay thin and trim. She even spent a year or two as a fitness instructor at one of the local gyms, and we actually hope to get her certification back. At her age, which is not that old at 41, she could easily make bank off of meeting with ladies her age or older and training them outside of the gym.
  3. She can play guitar well enough. She can’t shred on it, but she plays worship music and other songs she enjoys like Christmas carols. She does, however, have a great singing voice that almost landed her a spot in a big name country band back in the day, before we met. As the story goes said band pulled her on stage to sing one of their songs while they played and she did, really, really well. So well that they asked if she would be interested in touring the rest of the state with them, but she was unable to because she was underage and they would be playing in bars and other venues. I may be telling the story wrong, I actually think the band turned into a big name country band, but this was before they hit it big.
  4. She’s pretty, and she keeps herself well. She does have a couple of tattoos, which I have mentioned before. One is the proverbial “tramp stamp” but its not offensive and has a butterfly and some other girly things on it while the other is just a simple music note. She has abstained from facial piercings and other junk like that, and dresses in nice, feminine clothing (though I would like to start seeing her in more dresses).
  5. She cares for others, especially her family. As I explained earlier this month, she spent two months out of the last three in Oklahoma helping her mom, who has various medical issues, which required a lot of work and activities she is not particularly fond of, but she loves her mom. She would, however, help any friend or family within reason and with almost any project, activity or job. She looks forward to helping the homeless as we do a couple of times a year, and ministering to them about the gospel.

These are just a few of the things I love about her, and despite sometimes being rocky and at least a couple of times, hanging by a thread, marriage, its been an interesting 23 years.