So I found out this morning that you can add my two, yes TWO podcasts to a podcast app on your phone by using this link:
(Don’t click on this link from your desktop browser, it will just open a bunch of code)

No, I dont know if you can just click on this link or if you have to manually enter it (I just manually entered it into my podcast app, Podcast Addict) but either way I suspect that since I save the files to OneDrive they dont automatically play like other podcasts do. In my app I had to select the episode description and then click on the link that said ‘Listen on OneDrive’ to get it to open my OneDrive app and start playing, and I figure if you dont have the app installed it probably goes from your browser.

If anyone gets a chance to test this out, please do and give me some feedback.

In the meantime I know I haven’t gotten a third podcast up yet, and I plan on recording one this evening. It will likely be my third and final test podcast, since, so far, the recording itself, quality and editing seem to be going well. As I have said in the other two podcasts, as time goes by and I get a little better at this I will expand the subjects I discuss as well as any interesting perks I can toss into the cast.

Thanks for any feedback.