A couple of months ago I gave up my beloved Windows phone, a Nokia Lumia Icon. One of the best phones I have ever owned. Knowing I was going to have to switch to either an iPhone or Android I decided to buy a cheap droid based phone to check it out, seeing as I already had an older iPhone to fool around with. I ended up buying a pre-paid Motorola E4 from Walmart for less than 50$ and loved it! Naturally I had to buy a case for it, especially since my field of work requires that I sometimes go out into the oil fields and, sometimes, up on platforms of varying height.

While cruising Ebay I came across a Poetic case. It was pretty inexpensive and it looked like something that would be useful. It was a sealed case, meaning water and dust resistant, and had a built in screen protector, so no having to fuss with lining up a plastic or glass one. I think I bought it for less than 10$.

Probably the best 10$ I had spent in a long time!

The case was awesome! My phone felt like a miniature tank without having the bulk of a miniature tank! And, sealed? Holy smokes, I’m glad I only had to remove the phone from the case a couple of times because, trust me, its in there good! Water and dust would definitely have a hard time getting past this things defenses! It was so good that when I decided to upgrade to a more powerful Motorola I immediately ordered the corresponding Poetic case. The case for my Motorola Moto Z3 is slim, well made and slides off easily when you need it to, giving you quick access to the back of the device so you can use your attachments. I also intend to buy one for the wife’s new Motorola phone as soon as they become available (since its kind of a new model)!

That being said, if your in the market for a new phone case for a Motorola, iPhone, Galaxy or, heck, any of the more modern devices, or even a tablet (yeah, they make tablet cases too!) check out the lineup of Poetic cases on Amazon! Click on the picture below to browse them through my Amazon affiliate link! Remember, if you buy one through my link you dont pay anything extra, you just get an awesome phone case AND you help support my woodworking habit by letting Amazon know you came through my page.

Also, even though the IotW is a phone case, dont order through your phone app or it doesn’t work! Add the item through your phone then get to a desktop/laptop, go through my Amazon link and complete your purchase! Thanks in advance!