The last two podcasts have actually gone pretty well, as my recording hardware and software seems to be up to snuff and my editing skills, though few, are enough to produce something that’s useable. Now, listenable, that’s another story. To date I think there have only been 3 or 5 clicks on the podcast link, and that’s fine. My blog is not “popular”, and the podcast is just as much for my own personal expression and venting as it is for anyone else.

That being said, I’m getting ready to record a third podcast and this time I remembered to write down a few notes during the week on stuff I’ll bring up, most of it non-political and non-religious – just stuff I’ve noticed or experienced in the past few days.

Does anyone out there in the ethers have any particular questions they would like for me to attempt to answer via the podcast? Maybe you just want to hear the words come out of my mouth or maybe you have a serious question? If I can answer it I will, provided it wont take hours of study and research to come up with an informed answer.

Let me know in the comments!