Hot dang, this video, a mashup of Iron Maidens “The Number of the Beast”, “The Flight of Icarus” and, I guess, scenes from the Bollywood movie Dhoom 2, is one of the sexiest things I’ve seen today (which isn’t saying much considering I spent the day in a small cinder block building). Now, I’ve never seen Dhoom 2, but I will probably hunt it down after this:

The mashup mix is friggin awesome to start with, but the dancing chicks are just H-O-T, HOT! Ladies, why even mess around with yoga and crap, dancing is where its at, apparently.

Here’s another dancer I find extremely attractive:

She’s not your typical buxom blonde (though I REALLY wish she would go back to being a redhead), but she’s is fit as a fiddle (pun intended if you’ll take it), seemingly always full of energy and POURS FEMININITY. Long hair, lovely smile, loves her family and extremely talented. I remember finding her before she hit it big and I was really amazed at how cute she was and how easily she danced around while playing an instrument.

To boot some of the talented dancer ladies of the 20s and 30s movies were extremely feminine and sexy, though they dressed like nuns compared to modern actresses! Lucille Ball had more sexiness in her pinky finger than 90% of the women in Hollywood today and she could flit around like a butterfly when she needed to.

Forget the gym, hit the dance floor!