I’ve been working on my table-top RPG quite a bit lately and actually tried to make a character the other day. Much to my dismay, however, I found issues right off the bat that necessitated some rewrites of some character and job types. My hope is to get enough put together to do some test playing before building on that and then doing some testing over live stream (via Mixer).

Do you play any “table-top” RPGs? Back in the day we just called them “die-based” games. Dungeons & Dragons, Palladium, Werewolf, Vampire, Cyberpunk, TMNT. There was a bevvy of them and for a while they disappeared, but seem to have recently made a big comeback. I’ve been working on my particular game since about 1989 and had a working copy based on another system until I ended up losing it close to ten years ago. All my notes, books, papers and drawings – gone. I’ve been rebuilding ever since, but its been a rough go. I dont feel like I’m as imaginative as I was back then, and I suffer for it.

In case you didn’t know, the characters of Snapper, Sonja, Slash (the sword) and Lilith (images in the sidebars) are all from my game.

Ill post more updates as I get further along, and eventually start adding more info the the DT pages at the top of the blog.