Testing some stuff with my Amazon affiliate. It might be annoying, but I’m considering posting an “Item of the Week” every week on the blog in hopes of getting some click revenue or maybe even inspiring someone to purchase something. As I’ve said before, I don’t make much money (if any at all) off of my weapon builds, and that doesn’t bother me, as I do wood working mostly for the enjoyment of making stuff, but it isn’t always cheap and I always need new tools or supplies. Please, bear with me.

My plan is to scour Amazon a little every week and find something that piques my interest, then share it here for others to see. It will probably be something game or tech related, but, you never know. I think I get click revenue, so even if your not interested in purchasing said item, if you could find the time to click and read a description or something, please do.

If you decide to buy said item, please do so by coming back here and clicking either on the link provided or on the Amazon affiliate link on the right hand side of the page. You can find any of the previous items I post by looking under the new category “ItemOfTheWeek”.

Now, on to the first “test item”. Did you own a SNES as a kid? Did you know you can play SNES games on your laptop, PC or phone? Relive some of the glory days of gaming with a decent SNES emulator and an awesome looking 8Bitdo controller! It looks like the classic SNES controller but includes analog sticks for modern gaming as well! I’ve always loved the look of the 8Bitdo controllers, and I think they even make an old NES looking controller, as well as a Famicom red/gold version of the SNES controller as well.

Even if you dont game or want one, please take a moment to click and check it out. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!