So late last week I ran across this blog post which highlights the situation faced by a particularly beautiful painting, “Hylas and the Nyphms” by John Waterhouse:


Now, as a lover of art I have to say that this is an absolutely gorgeous painting and I thoroughly enjoy looking at it. I love stories and I love music and art that depicts stories. This one in particular tells the story of poor Hylas, who at least gets to see some pretty, feminine water nymphs before he dies.

Unfortunately, as the blog post reports, the museums curator, one Clare Gannaway, has called the painting an embarrassment, along with all of the other paintings in the museums “In Pursuit of Beauty” collection because, well, she’s probably ugly, as most ugly women detest that which is beautiful. Oh, sure, she claims that in the modern age of witch hunts against perceived sexual harassment (while real sexual harassment by Hollywood, the elite and government officials is ignored) that the paintings in question should be taken down but I have no doubt that she’s probably just an ugly woman who now has an excuse for removing images of beautiful women that isn’t “because I’m ugly and I hate the pretty women depicted in this painting”.

Look, lets just face facts here: Its time to remove women from pretty much everywhere that isn’t the home in which they keep clean.

Does that sound harsh? Good, its supposed to. Women are ruining everything good about society, art, science, history, sanity and logic and its time we simply showed them the door, or drag them there kicking and screaming. I mean, lets just look at some of the highlights of the past few years here:

Despite the occasional woman of intelligence and rational logic the evidence is overwhelming that having the presence of women in ANY capacity in ANY industry eventually means crippling or outright destroying that industry. Hell, even just LISTENING to women can be crippling and destructive, much less allowing them to actually take part of the process that produces anything.

Lets take a look at our original target, the painting.

This painting is a thing of beauty. Despite its nudity I would easily have allowed my children to view it. They probably would have giggled back in the day because there’s “naked ladies” on it, but my kids being who they are, they would have appreciated the picture to go along with the story. Now that they are older they would appreciate it in many more ways, for the talent of the artist, for the fair skin of the nymphs, for the masterful work of the water and foliage, but still, also, for the story.

The last thing to enter their minds, because I raised them not to be butthurt and whiny leftist morons, is that the water nymphs portray an unattainable beauty standard, or that the image in some way insinuates some form of sexual assault is taking place or that it would inspire someone to commit a sexual assault.

Maybe my title is a bit to drastic, but its high time industries and academia start holding women to a higher standard, or even just A standard, and very literally shut down and shame stupid concepts and ideas that women are promoting! Because the West has made shame into a crippling disease and insisted that no one should ever be subjected to it we get moronic garbage like FELT IS RACIST instead of real, useful ideas or concepts! If academia, as a whole, were to just come down on this lady and grind her into dust, I mean, really just put the screws to her on how idiotic and dumb this sounds, she would think twice, as would many others, about claiming something like this again! Or, even better, she might remove herself completely from academia and go home to be a housewife! Something she could easily excel at if she put forth some effort and something that would actually do some good in the world!

Unfortunately that would require someone actually stepping up and shaming her, likely to her face. I mean, someone who would read this paper, right in front of her, and simply fall in to fits of uncontrolled laughter. The kind of laughter that would make her look down at the ground, then maybe all around – anywhere but at the reader. She might bite her lip and tear up a little, maybe wipe her nose. Either way she would feel VERY, VERY FOOLISH AND EMBARRESED!

Now, this might sound cruel, but it is, in fact, not. Its not only saving her from continuing to spout such nonsense, but it is saving humanity from having to read it and from someone who might take her seriously from trying to apply her concept to reality. This happens often, as we can see with recent bans on straws (in which possession will result in jail time), bans on “high capacity magazines” for firearms (which makes no sense, I can carry more than one), bans on plastic bags (despite the fact that the majority of plastics in the ocean, which this is supposed to help prevent, do not come from first world nations). Someone, somewhere, with power, will take her concept to heart and try to do something with it! Its dangerously stupid!

And men used to know about this stuff! Men used to know to ignore a woman’s input if she has nothing useful to say! I don’t say this to degrade women, because really it applies to men too! If someone gives advice or says something with regard to a subject in which they have no experience or expertise they should likely be ignored! Its up to those listening to determine, hopefully with some wisdom, whether or not to consider the words! Or, even better, if someone just said something outright stupid they might get a room full of eye-rolls and then the conversation between the smart people would continue as though the dumb one said nothing. Unfortunately men today have been taught that they MUST consider a woman’s opinion or input or they are sexist! Misogynist! Instead of shutting this mess down men are promoting it out of fear of backlash and for “feminist cred”.

I’m not often one for “get this lady a mop, a dress and a frying pan then throw her back in the kitchen”, but for these people I’m willing to make an exception! For the love of cheese, people, this is getting out of hand!I don’t hate women, but I hate stupid concepts and ideas that people give credit, and it just so happens that most men, when the approach someone with a stupid idea or concept, get shamed without rock solid proof. Women, on the other hand, just whip out their pussy pass and – no questions asked, credit given.