With all the kerfuffle over recent posts about ladies being in debt, tattooed and virgins I thought I would throw my 2 cents into the ring regarding tattoos on women. I know, I know, who cares, right? You don’t know me, I don’t know you, so why does what I have to say matter? Well, technically it doesn’t, but if I can help just one young, Christian girl save herself from trouble then my job has been done.

A quick heads up: My wife has tattoos. Two, to be exact. One on her lower back (yes, the dreaded “tramp stamp”) and one on her ankle.

Personally, I don’t mind her tattoos and I don’t much mind tattoos on women in general, though currently women seem to think its cool to get inked with giant flaming skulls, pus-oozing severed heads and naked demon females spreading their labia and flipping people the bird. Overall I think the current state of women and tattoos is abhorrent. Full chest tats, full sleeves and full upper thigh tats are for outlaw biker chicks, welfare moms with multiple baby daddies and women who have been in state prison. This doesn’t mean EVERY woman with these kinds of tattoos looks horrible or is a horrible person, but overall the women I see sporting this type of ink look about how you think they would when paired with what I have described.

Nice, cute, little tattoos can look nice without looking gauche, gaudy and god-awful, but will never enhance the beauty of a woman. For the record some of the most beautiful and world renowned works of art throughout history have been of women, and I cannot think of a single one in which a tattoo was placed. Not on all the sculptures of Greek legend, not all the paintings of European renaissance. I’ll admit, I think I have seen some ancient Japanese or Chinese paintings that include women with tattoos.

Makeup can enhance a woman’s beauty by highlighting her features, but they become a joke when they become the scene stealer and the point of focus. Tattoos do the same thing, they are a focal point, they don’t enhance.

If a nice girl were to ask me about getting a tattoo I would advise, firstly, that if she plans on getting married then wait for her ink. Wait until you’re married and you can get your husbands input. I know, this flies in the face of everything women are told now days. Be bold! Be yourself! If he can’t love all of you then he doesn’t deserve any of you! After all, isn’t that the heart and soul of getting inked? To be a rebel? To express yourself and force everyone to accept it whether they want to or not? Its there, it ain’t going anywhere!Phooey! Whoever is telling you that tell them to stuff it in their ear! Firstly why would any Christian, man or woman, want to make their M.O. rebellion? You want to make yourself a viable candidate as a wife, and a bunch of nasty tattoos isn’t going to do that. Find out before getting married if your potential husband cares for tattoos. If your dead set on getting one and he doesn’t like them then you have to make a choice as to whether you want a tattoo or the guy as a husband. If he’s fine with it then wait until AFTER YOUR MARRIED to talk to him about getting a tattoo, then get one when your both in agreement over what it looks like and where it will be.

Yeah, I know, I sure make it sound like you’re owned by your husband, right? Well if your a Christian woman then, well, them’s the breaks. You are under your husbands authority and unless your absolutely certain that running off and getting a tattoo without consulting him, of whatever you want wherever you want won’t cause any problems in your marriage, don’t do it. Otherwise, I would advise against it. If your not a Christian woman then everything I just said in this post makes no sense to you and probably made you angry, but all I can do is point you toward the nearest Walmart and you can see proof of most of what I have said, as far as tattoos go.

Have a nice day.