Ladies, remember, if you won’t be your husbands cute little sex kitten, someone out there will be. Not to say that another woman is out there trying to lay your husband, but lets face it – women are all about sex. Every morning a certain amount of the female population pushes up their boobs, slips into something form fitting and revealing and paints their lips red with the sole intention of GETTING attention. They don’t want your husbands body, but they do want to take up space in his head. Men, even the best Christian men, are hard wired to notice perky boobs, firm behinds and smoky eyes. There’s nothing wrong with admiring such ladies, so long as that’s all it leads to is admiring, but how many wives out there would be furious to know their husbands found a fleeting interest in a cute little redhead he saw in the grocery store yet would devote little to no effort in making themselves a competitor for their husbands mental attention? Maybe you think that since he is your husband you have no need to be a competitor. After all, he’s already yours, right? Shame on him for admiring another female! And for her body, no less! He probably didn’t even think about her mind!

Let’s be real for a moment: When was the last time your husband saw you all dolled up for him, just for the sake of being dolled up for him? No, not last weekend when you two went out to dinner, or last years Christmas party. Just because, and just for him. When was the last time you did something for him that ensured he would be thinking about you the next day? Remember when you used to be excited to see him and would spend a good hour making sure you looked sexy just to spend fifteen minutes with him before he headed to his job delivering pizzas?

Does he like knee-high socks? Slip some on with your tiny shorts and t-shirt and greet him home for lunch! Does he have a thing for you in a tube top? What’s the harm? Is there a hot little dress he loves to see you in? Slide into it, even if its just for a little while. Do something that will embed yourself into his brain for the day!

Be a contender for his thoughts. If you won’t, there are plenty of others who will.