Imagine you had a field of over 1 billion different types of plants. Now imagine that, within those billion plus plants lay the cure for cancer. The cure for Alzheimer’s. The cure for blindness, for lupus, for any number of diseases. All that need be done is for those plants to be harvested and processed.

Now image that someone came along and torched the entire thing. Every plant, every root, every square inch of this miracle field, gone. Reduced to ash.

Imagine the outcry. The anger. The sadness not just in yourself, but world wide, as people came to the realization of the lost potential in that massive bed of plants.

Now replace those plants with children.

I found this graphic posted on Facebook earlier today and it greatly saddened me. Not because of its specification of “girlfriend”, but rather the stark reality of what we have lost since abortion became mainstream.


Its a difficult image to look at, when you think about it. To think about what is lost when an unborn child is killed. How many scientists, musicians, artists, great moms, great dads, great aunts, great uncles, great kids have been lost on the blood altar of abortion. And for what? Another night of partying? The chance to “keep my body in this shape”? The chance to sleep with another man she won’t be marrying?

Some of the most famous and talented people in recorded history grew up in some of the worst conditions. Both Ray Charles and Johnny Cash grew up in poverty the likes of which modern day children in the United States would never, ever see. Both of them grew up to become some of the most unique and fantastic musicians of the modern age.

When, people of the West, when will you stop burning your fields? After you have been forced into subjugation by those who don’t? After you have been returned to the dust and all of your modern conveniences and technology are gone? Or will you ever stop sacrificing your children to satan, which is really what your doing. If the bible says every child is a gift from God then you spit in Gods eye as you tear his gift, literally, limb from limb.

And the day will come when God no longer tolerates the disrespect.