My wife has a friend she has known since high school. In fact, this friend was her BEST friend in high school, but its been over two decades since they graduated and there hasn’t been much interaction between the two in about as much time.

Lo and behold my wife received a wedding invitation from said friend a few weeks ago, and she will be officially tying the knot in May.

“Well now that doesn’t sound so bad, Snapper!”, you might say, “Marriage is good!”

Well I might agree with you if I too was blissfully unaware of this woman’s past. Now, that’s not to say that her past has been awful or anything like that. As far as I am aware she is not some wasted whoremonger sleeping around with various men on the weekends, nor am I aware that she does any kind of drugs or drinks copious amounts of alcohol. All in all she’s not a bad person, just a person who has made bad decisions.

Apparently she is excited to be getting married, as a woman should be. The problem is that the marriage really means…well…nothing. You see, she already has a few kids by, at minimum, one other man whom she chose to live and shack up with years and years ago, but they “split up”. I never knew that they had never gotten married. I’m not certain if the guy whom she is marrying now is her second or third live-in guy or maybe even her fourth or fifth! She is what Dalrock calls a “serial monogamist”, a lady who sticks with a guy, HER guy, for a while, but when things don’t go well or rough times happen she splits or THEY split, and then she moves along to the next guy willing to support her (and her kids).

I doubt she sees the farce that is her excitement at getting married to the third or fourth guy she has “been” with, he’s just the first guy willing to put a ring on it, and the first guy dumb enough to sign her on to half of his stuff when the eventually split (seeing as how, statistically, the possibility of this happening is exponentially huge).

I don’t know what is considered worth less in this whole situation: Marriage, her worth as a woman, his worth as a man, the well being of the kids. Its just one big mess, in my eyes, and I’m probably the only one who is looking at the situation and shaking their head. My wife is happy for her. Why? What makes her think that just because they both say “I do” and sign a piece of paper and put rings on each others fingers that they will last any longer than a few years, at best. I mean, I could be wrong but, again, statistics are difficult to beat and they all point toward an eventual break up and divorce.

What a sad state the state of marriage is in. Dollars to donuts she will be wearing a white dress, to boot.