Over the weekend I read a post on “All Things Bright and Beautiful” over the weekend about marriage groups turning into husband bash-fests I got to thinking about a few different blog posts I have read over the past week.

Along with the preceding post in which Stephanie laments the fact that Christian women succumb to the sweet scent of bashing their husbands in marriage groups or in womanly gatherings, there was another post at Biblical Gender Roles about whether or not a husband can force his wife into sex (that’s another story altogether).

What the preceding blog posts boil down to and, really, what the majority of posts on my blog and on many other blogs boil down to, is a husbands authority over his wife, or, rather, the lack of authority.

See, in the bible God is very clear about a husbands authority over his wife but modern society has said that women are free from that authority and should never, ever let their husbands hold sway over them. The church has co-opted this sentiment by playing a double game. On the one hand they have the word of God that explicitly indicates how much authority a husband has over his wife, on they other they have a thriving business model in selling church gear to women in the form of books, cds and retreats. You certainly can’t anger the ones who REALLY butter your bread. Anger they women, and they will leave in droves, taking their husbands, and their husbands money, with them.

In the very first book of the bible God tells woman that her husband “shall rule over you”. Rule. Its a very simple word and one that is easily understood. Your boss at your job does not “rule” over you. Your government can “rule” over you, but not in the same way your husband can. The word tells us to be obedient to our governments, but wives are told to be obedient to their husbands as they are “unto the Lord”! The bible doesn’t assign governments the power of the Lord beyond the power of the sword, meaning husbands have far, far greater command over their wives than the government does!

The word talks about the master/servant relationships, then likens husband/wife relationships to them! Why? Because marriage IS a master/servant relationship! Marriage is a reflection of Christ and the church. Is there any doubt in the mind of Christians that Christ and the church is a master/servant relationship? Indeed it says we will stand before the judgement seat in hopes of hearing the words “Well done, good and faithful servant”!

The virtues given women to set as goals: A gentle and quiet spirit, respectful obedience, keeping a home, have been replaced by the virtue of rebellion! No woman dare grow up in the modern world without a stripe of moxie and rebellion in her! That woman is a weakling to other women, a doormat! You see it all the time in both the media and real life. Wives who cannot give straight answers to something without a curt word, without attitude. A husband asks his wife to repeat something and instead of simply repeating the words again you would likely hear: “Are you kidding me? I JUST told you a minute ago! Why don’t you listen?”. Some would say the woman has a RIGHT to speak to her husband so, and maybe she does if she isn’t a Christian, but believers are held to a higher standard!

How do YOU answer your husband? Would it never cross your mind to answer him “yes, sir” or “no, sir”? Is that just too far? Is that TOO obedient to Christ? Are you willing to drop everything to help the needy and poor? To travel to a third world country, putting your life in danger to build a hut for someone who doesn’t know you? Is that, in your mind, NEVER out of the realm of possibility of you doing FOR CHRIST, but your respectful obedience to your husband isn’t? Hypocrite! How can you obey the one you cannot see when you cannot obey the one you can see? Your obedience and respect toward your husband isn’t apart from your obedience and respect toward God, they are part and parcel the same thing! Yet modern Christian women think nothing of giving their bosses at work far, FAR more respect than they ever would consider giving their husbands!

YOUR HUSBAND HAS FAR, FAR GREATER AUTHORITY OVER YOU THAN YOUR BOSS DOES! The problem is that society and the church has REMOVED your husbands authority from your mind as a good thing, and also from your husbands hand via the law! A husband who dares use his authority is now in danger of being considered abusive! Even the church will call a man out as being “emotionally abusive” if he tries to use his God given authority to bring his wife back under control. Yes! Control! At some point EVERY woman needs to be brought back under control, either from her own mistakes, her own panic, her own worry! This used to be the job of husbands! Some ladies only required a gentle, reaffirming word and being held tight to bring them back from the brink, while others require a more forceful approach because they act life feral children! The authority to do this has been removed from husbands and replaced by the cold hand of government and the quick fix of medications.

Instead of reinforcing the virtues of a gentle and quiet spirit in Christian women the church has instead transformed women into the image of Christ, which they are not! The bible explicitly says that “man is the image and glory of God; but woman the glory of man”. They have made women the epitome of Gods creation on the earth and told Christian men they are to worship their wives by using their wives feelings as a litmus test for how close they are to God! If your wife is unhappy you are not walking right! In fact, the only time it seems men are ever walking right is when their wives are in a position in which they would never complain, which is an impossible position for a woman to be in! Husbands are told never to have expectations of their wives behavior, for their own happiness, but are expected to uphold their wives expectations in order to stay in her good standings!

Every woman born in the last fifty years has a streak of feminist empowerment running through her! Every one of them has been raised in a society that tells girls they are better, faster, stronger and smarter than boys, and then, as young women, they are told they don’t need men! The church, once again, co-opts the concept by telling its young Christian ladies that they need to attend colleges first, before settling down. Yes, the church pushes young ladies into the waiting jaws of what are now government funded indoctrination camps, hell bent on turning conservative Christian minds into flaming liberal skulls of garbage, and they succeed! On a daily basis they succeed! I recently saw an image on a Facebook page I follow of before and after college pictures of a number of students: It was both frightening and sad! And your churches pastor is ENCOURAGING the ladies of his congregation to attend! If not the pastor then the pastors wife! If not the pastors wife then some other female leader in the church who’s mind has already been altered and who is passing on her demented mentality to others!

The number one priority of the churches, when it comes to the young ladies, should be to prepare them for an early marriage (early 20’s) and motherhood. Older women should be working to be obedient to the word by being obedient, submissive and respectful to their husbands and teaching the younger ladies to do the same!

Titus 2:

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

I don’t have anything against ladies going to school. My sisters both attend college classes as the local college, but they are both mothers with older children capable of caring for themselves and they are both stronger, Christian women who are much more difficult to radicalize than a young girl right out of high school.

Look, you can call me a pig, you can call me a misogynist and a horrible, stone-age, Christian caveman. I invite you to! It certainly doesn’t bother me! The past century of Western history has seen the slow rise of “women’s empowerment” and the slow decline of civilization. It’s not entirely at the feet of the feminist movement, but a very, very large chunk of it is. Because of feminism we now have voters who vote lacking logic but rather rely on emotion. We have no fault divorce, abortion, massive expansion of welfare, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, children with mental issues, children committing suicide, children who don’t know what sex they are, the list goes on and on.

If your a Christian woman you CANNOT side with feminism. Feminism is REBELLION. REBELLION is witchcraft. Witchcraft and God do not mix, and those who practice witchcraft shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Where do you want to stand in this war of light and darkness? Of wickedness and righteousness?

Which virtue are YOU building? Rebellion or Obedience?