Earlier today I ran across a Facebook post by a page I am subscribed to which is geared towards men. The admin posts quotes by famous warriors throughout history, maxims and general “warrior” related stuff, which makes for an interesting daily read. What I have noticed, however, is that much like another “manly” page I sometimes visit out there the admin posts a lot of quotes with pictures of women. Women with swords, women in combat, etc., etc.. Now, as you know, I’m not opposed to seeing women with such things, as spending any more than a few seconds on my page reveals that I have some such women prominently displayed on the sidebar, but my page is not geared directly towards dispensing advice from long dead warriors to men. Because this persons page is geared toward such a goal I found it a little odd that the following graphic was posted today:

warrior womenNow, this guy can post whatever he wants, but I assume when he posts something like this he is looking for a response from his readers, so I responded:

Because ladies are what women are meant to be. The misguided concept of turning your daughters into warriors has lead to what we see now, ladies who are ugly, covered in tattoos, cursing and drinking like sailors and generally acting like….well, men. Few men want a woman who acts like a man. Ladies who have been raised to pursue the pursuits of men at the rise of second wave feminism are now writing their lamentations, only now, in the sunset of their lives, realizing that they had been mislead the entire time. Many of them now long that they had lived their lives as ladies, and not as warriors.

Do you daughter a favor. Raise her to be a lady. She will find a warrior who will care for her, and she will live a happy life. It wont be perfect. There will be struggles, and in some ways she will be a warrior, but not the kind her husband will be. Then, in her sunset years, she will be surrounded with people who love her, and not cold, lifeless warriors trophies, which mean little to women in the end.

The response was interesting in that the women that responded (negatively to my comment, I might add, which should come as no surprise) found it necessary to point out that they are not JUST women, but both warriors AND women! They knew how to fight! They knew how to stand up for themselves! They didn’t need the “fairy tale” of a man who would sweep her off her feet and keep her well fed, well clothed and safe. In fact, the majority of women find themselves caught up in a false fairy tale, only to find that they are being brutalized by men who claimed they loved them. Better to teach your daughter to fend for herself so she can survive when the fairy tale ends and she realizes her prince was a toad all along.

Another gentleman had this response:

You call rape and assault survivors “cold and lifeless warrior trophies?” You sound like someone who is extremely terrified of women who can speak for themselves, have their own opinions, and capable of seriously hurting any dipshit who would force their dicks on their throats. And for the record, I’ve never heard of a woman who grew old saying “I regret not getting raped, humiliated, and beaten at the inch of my life by a macho man.”

I’m married, and my wife loves me so much because we both learn Krav Maga together. She grew up bullied until she met me. For her, being a warrior is God’s greatest blessing. Now I finally have a woman who will maim any fucker who would hurt/humiliate/kidnap/kill our child in my circumstantial absence.

I’m glad this guy and his wife are learning martial arts together. I would love to learn Krav Maga, but unfortunately this guy has fallen victim to the false idea that his wife will be able to “maim any fucker” who would assault her, when statistics show that this rarely happens. Even highly trained women in the military are easily overpowered by men with the same training and even of smaller build. Pound for pound men are simply stronger than women, and that’s biological fact, not just hyperbole.

Why are women just afraid to be women? Why are they afraid to just be moms and wives and provide care and comfort to their families? Most likely its simply because the modern feminist culture has told them they are worthless as women. They must be “Woman+” and have a long list of accomplishments and titles in order to be worth anything.

In all honesty I feel bad for modern women. It is by the hand of other women that they are driven to madness, and that is reflected by the spike in women taking anti-depressants and the like over the past couple of decades.

And just to be clear, I never said anything about women needing to be dumb, barefoot and pregnant, I simply stated that if the intent of the post was that we should train girls to act like men then “training them to be warriors” was a mistake, and one they would regret later in life. There’s nothing wrong with teaching a daughter how to think and act of her own accord, or defend herself even. Teaching her to act like a man and encouraging her to go through life with the idea that she can fend for herself and shun men is counter-intuitive. Women, since the onset of second wave feminism, have been told they can act like men do and those women are now lamenting their decisions, writing books and posts about how they were sold a false bill of goods. Now, without children, without families, without someone to care for them, they wish they had made a different choice, but its too late. They cant turn back time, so instead they are issuing warnings to modern feminists, “Don’t fall for the lie”. Women can either learn from their pain or go forward and take the gamble. I wont say that EVERY woman who shuns family life for the workforce ends up an old maid, unloved and broken, but I can guarantee that the majority of career girls end up in a place they wish they weren’t when they get older and are past their prime husband-landing, child-bearing years.

Personally, I like women who are women, I just wish women did, too.