So one of my previous posts was on how I had purchased and played through ‘Return to Castle Wolfenstein’, which included a blurb on how I was also starting a play through of Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, along with hopes of buying and playing through Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Well I’m glad to say that I finished both first parts of the trilogy and I was more than impressed. Honestly I don’t know how both of these games escaped my radar while W:TNC caught my eye, as they were both EXCELLENT games. I will be doing reviews of both games and I actually plan on streaming a play through of all three (Return, Old Blood and New Order) before hopefully buying Colossus and doing a full play through of that as well! For those of you not normally interested in gaming but maybe interested in an interesting storyline, well thought out and acted characters and science fiction, you may want to check in every so often, as these games do not disappoint!

If you don’t feel convinced then wait for my reviews, please. I need to collect some screen shots and short videos first. Until then!