It appears that I am a bit of a subject of discussion amongst a few “bird watchers” that have taken issue with some of the stuff both on my blog and in some of the comments I have made on another blog. Aside from being cowardly to sit back and talk about people from the shadows, it just seems to be in bad taste, but bad taste is pretty much the order of the day for the majority of the internet, so no biggie there.

If these people are useful for anything, however, it is that I have been prompted to remind readers of my blog that my blog, and many others like it, contain posts that aren’t for everyone. If your not a Christian or don’t have any understanding of God, Christ or the Bible then what you read here will not only make little sense, but will likely offend you. You see, Christians are held to a standard, and that standard is found in the bible, which we believe is the perfect word of God, written through selected individuals throughout the history of mankind. We aren’t supposed to hold non-Christians to this standard, though some Christians attempt to do so often with not so happy results. However, for those who claim to be Christians and carry the title, we most certainly are to make sure they adhere to the standards found in the bible. We do this for a few reasons, but, to me, the two most important are these:

  1. We are members of the family of God, adopted into his household by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. To call ourselves Christians is to represent the family and its our responsibility not to give that family a bad reputation or to “blaspheme the word of God”.
  2. If we call ourselves Christians and believe the bible is the perfect word of God then we must also believe that its prescription for life is for our good, and not our ill. God knows all, sees all and has created all, thus he knows what is best for us as men or women, fathers or mothers, masters or servants.

That being said, I often speak on the one subject that, to me, appears to be the one most Christians have issue with in todays modern society: Adherence to scripture. It is difficult to claim one is a Christian and yet, at the same time, ignore the book Christians claim to be the instruction manual for how to be one. It is a disservice to other Christians and to God, our father, to do so, and puts the immortal soul in jeopardy. Imagine, if you will, someone claiming they are vegan as the stuff bacon and pork down their throats. Or claim they are a pacifist while they punch you repeatedly in the face. Their words don’t really match up with their actions, do they? Thus I take issue with those who claim to be Christians while acting like they are not. Its not like they don’t have the book that instructs them on what it means to be a Christian, they just choose either not to read it or not to understand it. To me that’s offensive! Your representing our household! Your giving my (heavenly) Father a bad reputation, and I will call you to task on it. In like manner I expect you to call me to task on it if you see me doing the same, as I am not perfect and, if I cannot self-correct, the Bible instructs my brothers in Christ to point out my error and hold me to fix it.

Again, if your not a Christian then your never going to understand why I attempt to hold my wife up to a particular standard of behavior, particularly if you subscribe to the feminist/equality doctrine of todays society. I’m not trying to call you out on anything, that’s your business, just trying to help you understand what you see here. At the same time understand that many of the instructions for Christians found in the Bible are in conflict with the rest of the world, which is one of the main reasons Christians are hated so much (Another reason being those Christians that try to apply Christian expectations of behavior on non-Christians, but that’s a subject for another post).

So, I doubt this is going to changes a certain group of peoples minds as to whether or not I “sound like I should have never gotten married at all” or that my biblical view on wifely submission is “selfishness”, but it may, in fact, help some readers, new and old, comprehend what’s going on around here. As always, if you have the guts to do so, feel free to comment and ask questions/complain, just do so in a respectful manner. I don’t sweat people who don’t agree with me, but I also don’t tolerate people who act like 5 year olds when they are supposed to act like adults.

Disagreement is an opportunity to learn from one another when its done properly.

Also, if your one of those people who hold “manosphere” talk to be nothing more than the cries of desperate loser guys who can’t find women or get laid, well, that’s fine. I would have said the same thing until those cries proved out to be truths. I hope you never have to experience the things I have been through to have your eyes opened. I hope you go through your entire life in blissful ignorance and happiness, I really do.