A man approaches a woman at a party.

“Would you have sex with me for one million dollars?”, he asks.

“Well, I suppose.”, she answers, shyly.

“How about for five dollars?”, he asks.

“Hrmph! What kind of woman do you think I am?”, she asks, quite aghast.

“We have determined that!”, he replied, “Now we just need to determine your price!”

This story has been attributed to a number of men, from Albert Einstein to Benjamin Franklin to Winston Churchill. Regardless of who said it, this story perfectly describes the current kerfuffle being raised in women’s sports, Hollywood and modelling.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that someone accused Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. I don’t even remember who the first girl was, to be honest. The fallout, however, has been a cavalcade, a veritable whos-who of disturbed, demented and worthless Hollywood belles that have suddenly found the “courage” to speak out against a man who has apparently had his hand in many, many cookie jars. Actress after actress has stepped up to regale the horror of being propositioned by a rather nasty looking man, some even claiming they were forced into some type of sexcapade or, in once case, made to stand in a nude lineup of multiple girls before being told she was ‘f*ckable’.

I am not going to go into a bunch of detail on the whole sordid affair, but I do want to point out one glaring detail that I’m sure some other people have caught on to:

None of these women thought the situation was dire enough to step out and expose this guy BEFORE they became rich and famous.

Indeed we see that probably one of the only women brave enough to actually say anything was Courtney Love. LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MINUTE!

What we have here are a number of women a)feeling sudden regret at having sold their bodies for a chance to be rich and famous and b)a number of women who see an opportunity to regain some of the spotlight, if only for a little while, by coming out as ‘victims’. Indeed I would think that the majority of these ladies would never have spoken up if the first lady hadn’t said something!

Each one of these ladies was presented with a choice:

  1. Sell your body for the opportunity to maybe become rich and famous in Hollywood (or, in some cases, modelling).
  2. Turn in a guy who sexually assaulted you.

Each one of them not only went with the first option, but continued to work with the guy, AND OTHERS LIKE HIM for years and years! To add a little extra spice to this mix, THEY DEFENDED OTHERS LIKE HIM in that they stood up for monsters like Roman Polanski, a convicted child molester who’s only escape was that Europe wont extradite him!

Women love men who are rich, powerful and handsome, but any one will do. Shortly after the Weinstein issue someone came out and accused Ben Affleck of groping her at a party. Now, I don’t care for Ben Affleck. To me he is an idiot liberal who can’t keep his mouth shut, but I cannot, in good faith, find the guy guilty of his accusations without proof. Why? Because he fits ALL THREE METRICS of things women love! He is rich. He is powerful (in Hollywood) and he is (was?) handsome! Men like this can have their way with women because women are willing to let them have their way!

Look at this video of Affleck with a female ‘reporter’:

This girl is absolute putty in his hands. From the moment they meet, and likely before, she is probably thinking of nothing but getting into bed with him. The way she is acting is not uncommon for ladies when they meet someone of Affleck’s fame and fortune. Hell, I remember a few years ago hearing Tom Jones talk about how he STILL gets panties tossed on stage during his concerts, and still gets propositions from the ladies! And that dude is O-L-D! Yet he still retains much of his masculine power because he is a rich, famous and virile guy!

So the other day I posted a response to this story on someone’s Facebook page. My post was this:

So, young girl faced with a decision: 1)Get groped, raped, sexually assaulted and humiliated in return for a shot at fame and fortune, 2) Report it and walk away.

Guess what decision these girls made?
Why should anyone feel sorry for them? They made a choice. They could have fought back, they could have reported the assault immediately and gone after these guys, but they chose to trade it all for a chance to be famous. No sympathy.

Yesterday I see that the husband of one of my cousins has replied. He has replied to a few of my FB posts in which I display what is apparently a less than stellar Christian attitude. His reply was simply this:

Wow…it’s like I can just picture Jesus saying this…

Afterward we went back and forth a few posts, him explaining that I couldn’t possibly understand grace or the gospel with that attitude while I explained that several times in the bible we see God or Jesus losing patience and sympathy for those who continually make the choice to sin, and that it is no different than me losing patience and sympathy for ladies who not only continued working with their ‘abusers’ for the sake of money, but also failed to make these predators known, allowing an untold number of new girls to go through the same thing they did, with nary a care. God is long suffering, but He will not be mocked! We reap what we sow!

Bing defines grace with a couple of definitions, this being one:

(in Christian belief) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.

It defines sympathy as:

feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune

So lets put this into a different perspective:

Your friend is weepy and sad so you ask him, “Hey, what’s wrong?”.

He replies, “I was scammed out of a lot of money by sending some Nigerian prince ten-thousand dollars. He said he would send me double the money back if I could just help him since his bank account had been frozen”.

“Aw man, that’s too bad. Sorry you got ripped off.”

You are showing sympathy for your friend, who suffered loss.

He continues, “You think I would have learned the other eight times.”

“WHAT?”, you scream, “Are you kidding me? Dude! Really?”

All sympathy for your friend is gone. Why? Because his decision to continually fall for the same scam nine times makes him unsympathetic and simply foolish.

This is the situation I see these ladies in. No longer sympathetic victims, but instead foolish, now accomplices, to the continued sexual assault of other girls.

The whole event doesn’t affect me in the slightest, but we are now going to see dozens, if not hundreds of ladies, now ’empowered’ by the herd, coming forward and telling about how they too were assaulted or molested by people they continued to work with, hung around with and got paid by until recently. It devalues actual victims of sexual abuse.

What’s your take on the situation?