Since I “took the red pill” a few years ago one of the unfortunate side effects has been a more distinct dislike of people. Not just women, but people in general. I think its due to the fact that the red pill makes you more aware of peoples BS and how crappy humanity can actually be. Not that it was a big secret before, but as you start to see the stuff women get away with and the white knights/cowardly men who allow them to get away with it, combined with the way the current system is stacked against normal, masculine men, it makes you more jaded and frustrated.

Red pill sites will tell you that anger is one of the “phases” of the red pill men go through when they final swallow it and start accepting reality. Some guys get stuck there, I guess, and are mad at the world for the rest of their lives. For a Christian it can be especially difficult because we are commanded to love one another and even to love our enemies. How can you do that when you have such disdain and anger towards the people around you. When you hear people saying idiotic things that grate on your nerves, or see them acting like fools so much so that you just want to go punch them in the mouth?

As a Christian I have to remind myself sometimes that Jesus, the master whom I am trying to model myself after, knew everything about the people he spoke to. Every awful thought, every awful thing, stuff that I would never and could never know by just seeing a person or even talking to them. Every dark secret, ever addiction, every horrible thought in the human mind is known to him – Yet he loved us. So much so that, despite knowing all the ugliness we possess he died in our place for our sins.

If he loved us so much, knowing so much about us, then I should be able to show some of that same love towards others, even though it may be difficult, shouldn’t I?

As Christians I think we all know and understand that everyone has sinned and nobody is perfect, yet it can be difficult to remember this fact when you have stupidity, hatefulness and ignorance directly in your face.

Maybe part of spiritual maturity is being able to hold it together and love people knowing they can sometimes be turds. I know I can be one sometimes, but that doesn’t keep Christ from loving me.