A Passing….

My wife’s grandpa lies on deaths door. Though his health has been waning for some time, this looks like it is the end. Though he is barely breathing he has not woken in two days and the doctor says he does not believe he will awaken again.

E was a good man. Being a pastor he performed our wedding ceremony when my wife and I got married. He pastored a little church in Oklahoma, the kind of small church you probably only see now in paintings. No matter what, if he was preaching he was in a suit and tie, regardless of the weather, and though I had only witnessed him preaching a handful of times my wife assures me that he was quite animated.

Having moved to Kern county from Oklahoma he would sometimes recall the days he spent with Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, apparently playing guitar and getting drunk the various garages. My wife says he liked to say, “They stood in the same welfare lines I stood in, they just decided to sing about it and I didn’t”.

Eventually he found Jesus and became a pastor.

I always liked him. Within two minutes of seeing you he would tell a joke or something goofy like that. Though he was a small and somewhat frail looking man you could tell he used to be a scrapper in his younger days.

He will be much missed.



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