I have fond memories of my time in jr high and high school, and one of those memories centers around this game, a game I actually got on accident when the store I pre-ordered Fatal Fury from informed me the release date had been moved and offered to send me another game. Going solely off the image of the cover in the magazine, I told them “just send me this Secret of Mana’. Oh how glad I am I did! One of the few games to use the SNES multi-tap it let up to three people play at a time, each in control of one character. My friends and I had plenty of fun times playing and…..the music. The music is still one of my favorite soundtracks to this day!

Enjoy a brief glimpse at the upcoming remake of this great title, and a couple of old SNES rendered songs from its past.


Found the complete soundtrack on YouTube. It may not be for everyone, but take a listen. You wont be disappointed!