So if you have read over any of my previous blog posts you know that not that long ago I left the church I was attending over how they were changing the meaning of scripture to accommodate modern culture, and that despite my leaving, my wife decided she would still be attending, against my wishes, of course. Something pertaining to the subject has been sitting in my mind for a while so yesterday I spoke to her again about her going against my wishes, which is sin, as she is commanded by the bible to be obedient to me, her husband, and submit to my will.

Now, this is done to protect her, as being at a church that is willing to change the meaning of scripture because it makes them uncomfortable is dangerous to believers, even if that change is there because its generally how most churches think, but that’s not how my wife sees it. She sees it as me trying to control her simply because I “think I’m right”. It doesn’t matter to her that she is supposed to be submitting to my authority, according to the God she follows. All that matters is that I am telling her what to do, with authority, and that doesn’t jive.

The problem here is that, in fact, it doesn’t jive with MOST Christian women anyway. Sure you will find some outliers here and there who understand, but for the most part Christian women have been trained to believe that a mans authority is inherently abusive. This training comes not only from secular society, but also from the church itself! I have said, in a previous post (Every Christian Woman a Feminist) that little girls are now raised in a society that praises them simply for being a girl and nothing more. Just by virtue of being a girl they are faster, stronger, smarter and better than boys, and this sentiment carries over into adulthood. Follow that up with reinforcement of this ideal from the church, who believes women are the epitome of Gods creation (hint: they aren’t) and lift them up to be sinless and pure, on par with Jesus himself!

Christian women have been trained to believe they are spiritual equals to men and the bible simply does not support that. Because of this, any time a Christian woman’s husband tries to use his authority the woman will react with rebellion and not submission. To submit means to do something you have been asked to do by someone with authority, even if you don’t feel it is in your best interest, but women have been told that Christian men should ALWAYS be acting in what SHE SEES as her best interest. Any attempt to enforce his authority, if it is against what she sees as her best interest, is abuse!

I don’t know how to break the cycle. I don’t know if the cycle can be broken without something drastic happening that forces women to lose their false independence and see, with clear eyes, that they are more dependent upon men, both the men of society and their own husbands, than they realize. I have said in the past that short of a full on collapse of society I don’t see women willingly returning to their God given place, and there are plenty of men out there who will allow them to continue in the façade.

Lord come quickly…..