I’m no prophet, but…..

“In the distant future science discovers the secret of creating human-animal hybrids dubbed ‘animorph’. When an eco-terrorist group destroys the offices of the man responsible for the discovery he makes a last ditch attempt to save his data by releasing it to the internet. Within the span of a year scientists all across the globe have created hundreds and thousands of the creatures, but with little to do with them. Despite their hybrid humanity they are still treated as animals, and some use them as basic laborers. When they start to get inquiries into purchasing animorph as cheap labor, a worldwide market is created.

When military scientists find a way to take the natural weapons and abilities from certain animals and genetically breed them into both human and animorph they begin to create ’empowered’ beings. Though officially banned by the U.N., every wealthy nation has its own secret force of empowered soldiers they use for clandestine missions.”

Thus begins Destructive Tendencies: Timeline Earth, the tabletop game I have been working on for many, many years.

And now China is creating super-soldier dogs, with eyes on making super human “enhanced” soldiers.

If you’ve never seen him, my namesake, Snapper, a giant mutant cyborg alligator (yes, you read that right) was originally created by the Chinese government for its clandestine “Army of the Animal Spirit”.

The future promises to be both interesting, and scary.

Snapper – Pre magitek conversion




Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

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