The Coarsening of Language and ‘af’ has to go (cause its stupid)

There is little doubt that over the past several decades the American culture has grown more coarse in its language and its acceptance of coarse language. Now, I’m no prude who frowns at every cuss word that comes out of someone’s mouth, there’s a time and a place for everything. Lets face it, shouting “fiddlesticks” in the middle of a fight is not only extremely odd (who knows, maybe your opponent laughing at you would end the conflict) but it is physically underwhelming. There is power in words, even physical power. I recall the episode of Mythbusters in which they took people and subjected them to extreme discomfort (via putting their hands into an ice bath) and testing how long they could withstand the pain. During the first run they were not allowed to curse, while during the second they were told to let it rip and boy howdy did they. The test concluded that the test subjects were able to withstand the pain of the extreme cold LONGER when they were allowed to curse than when they were not.

Like I said: Time and place. Unfortunately here in the West the time and place is anywhere and anytime over the stupidest things. The West has created new ways to use foul language and I can think of none stupider or more retarded than ‘AF’.

AF stands for “as f*ck”. No, not “ass”, just “as”. I’m not sure as to the context in which it is properly used (if you believe it can be used properly). Its typical use is to exclaim that something is so ‘x’ that normal ‘x’ doesn’t describe how ‘x’ it is.

For example you might say someone is buff, but buff doesn’t do the trick, and neither does super buff, very buff, extra buff, buffer, buffiest or buff-with-a-capital-B. Instead you would say “Buff AF” or “Buff as f*ck”.

Seriously? Is this what we have come to? I mean, there has always been slang, but how in the world did we turn a euphemism for sex turn into an exclamation of something that is beyond normal? That’s like saying “Man that guy is buff as sex!”. What the hell does that even mean?

Not only does it sound stupid but its just another step toward normalizing a word that, in days not to long ago, were not forbidden, but were very frowned upon if said in public. Now you see every man, woman and child using the word in just about every possible sentence they can string together.

C’mon people. Can’t we save a little bit of class? Just a little bit? No?


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

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