Mona Lisa smile? Yes, but that’s about it….

Along with Facebook I have an account at, a Facebook alternative that doesn’t censor content, even allowing adult content, so long as it is marked as ‘adult’. It’s an interesting space, and seems to have a lot of great news and insight as well as some of the craziness of the internet.

One group I have subscribed to features daily images of cute girls and for the most part their picks are spot on. All of the ladies featured are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes (though always healthily thin) in a wide array of hair and skin colors.

What I have noticed, however, and that is how so many of these beautiful women think they are augmenting their beauty by various piercings about the face and body, and covering themselves with superfluous tattoos.

Take a look at this lovely lady:

redheaded beauty

The epitome of loveliness…..if it weren’t for that stupid piece of metal shoved through her nose! Also, notice she has DOUBLE SHOULDER/THROAT TATTOOS?!?!?! Seriously! What is that? Overall she’s not done that bad, from this angle, but from what I can see I wouldn’t be surprised if she was sporting a full back tat, a sleeve and other various ‘improvements’ that we can’t see. The reason I wouldn’t be surprised is because so many of the other lovely ladies like herself have them!

What possesses young ladies to do this to themselves? For so long now women have been feeding into each other women the whole ‘my body, my choice’ narrative, which has lead them to making some pretty bad decisions in life. This coupled with the fact that there is almost always going to be some alpha bad-boy out there willing to have a night of fun with them as well as beta slouches who will pick them up and care for them even after they have damaged themselves, there is no impetus for modern women to keep themselves looking beautiful. When you don’t have to worry about what you look like to get sex and provision then you don’t worry about what you look like to get sex or provision!

It makes me sad. Sad to see that American women of the modern generation are uglifying themselves at an alarming rate. I know its not everywhere, but the fact that it has gained as much traction as it has is just as frightening as it is saddening.


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

One thought on “Mona Lisa smile? Yes, but that’s about it….”

  1. Your example is spot on. An otherwise very attractive girl who decided to cover up and hide an attractive body and distract attention away from an attractive face. It’s in almost all the current sci-fi TV now as well. Nearly everyone (still talking current sci-fi genre) has some type of modification and it is treated as a sign of crossing over to adulthood or conversion from an archetype old-culture for the up-to-date, indigenous culture. I’m looking at you, “100” and “Expanse”.

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